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com/watch?v=1L4J5EKSwEc This is the better of the videos so far, though a few more are posted under 'wadetarzia' Specifications: Materials: 1/4 inch CDX plywood, common pine for stringers, laminated pine shelving/desktop materials for boards, oak and
Naturally, there is no substitute for a professional engineer when you're faced with complicated or uncommon structural problems, but basic load-bearing calculations are well within the capabilities of many carpenters and homeowners. Most timber-fram
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The roof itself doesn't matter. It is the boards on the bottom (truss chords) or ceiling joists that will carry the weight of whatever you are storing. If it is a few boxes of christmas ornaments that is one thing, but if you try to store your bowlin
I live in a 5 story condo, on 2nd floor. I wanted to remove this foyer (in picture labeled as ENTRY). I see joists running across the room, left to right in the picture
I have a desire to open up my second floor to make one big room (it's my bedroom and want a king size bed and closet). The room is currently split about 65/35 by a wall that does not appear to be load bearing but I want to be sure. It's a house built
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From the information you've provided, it seems as though the post is likely not needed. However, none of us have been to your house, seen the plans, nor talked to the builder or engineer. So we cannot say for sure, what the purpose of the post is
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