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I have an Era deadlatch rim lock (standard front door "yale lock") which closes into an electric strike of unknown brand. The latch is the quarter circle shape rather than triangle shape. When closing the door, the latch does not retract when it hits
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Anyone know if there's a solution for locking a backyard shed, that would let me rekey it to be the same as a normal house key. The shed is a Tuff Shed with double wood doors like this: Currently the shed is secured with a basic swivel hasp like this
Hello, since you were not online, I will email you instructions here. I sold and serviced kwikset locks, and their competitors, for many years. The kwikset locks are relatively simple, and are easy, usually, to service
Installation CheckAnswer 7 brief questions to find out if Nuki Smart Lock can be installed on your door lock. nuki. io/checkEuro Profile Double Cylinderwith emergency function Door fittingshield or rosette fitting Knob or handleNuki can pull the latc
I have a situation in my 90 year old house with the bathroom door. Last night my bathroom door was closed and somehow bolted locked from inside and I can't get into it or unlock it. I believe this is a mortise lock (like this), but I have no keyhole
What is the Difference Between Single and Double Cylinder Door Locks?The invention of the cylindrical lock changed the face of residential and commercial security forever. For one hundred years the cylindrical lock has become the standard on doors al
We've lost the key to our Novoferm garage door lock and as the company that installed it quoted over a hundred pounds to fit a replacement I thought I would get the lock and fit it myself. I took the handle off by removing the screw that goes through
Some deadbolt makers, such as Schlage and Arrow, have deadbolts that don't require a 2 1/8 inch hole. In both cases, there is a ring that can be left out so the deadbolt will fit over a non-standard hole, but security is somewhat compromised because
My cousin has an external door with a knob lock and a double-deadbolt lock. She prefers not to keep the deadbolt locked. If she goes out through that door, she normally turns the knob, leaving the lock engaged, exits, and pulls the door closed, expec