Loud gushing noise when neighbour runs their faucet


Assuming you're just hearing it & not noticing any other effects from it. An other effect would be your sink trap's water or your toilet's water being sucked right out, which doesn't appear to be happening.

Then, I'm inclined to think the wall or pipe changed. What could have changed in the wall is that thermal &/or sound insulation may have shifted or completely fallen away. A pipe change would be the pipe shifting or settling down onto a structural member of the wall which could be just a millimeter of change. Now, having an avenue to transfer its normal operations.

Neither of these are catastrophic nor indicative of the pipe rotting away to a much thinner pipe. But, there may have also been work done elsewhere that brought the onset. It's more likely that it's just natural settlement issues from heavy trucks driving by, earthquakes, freeze-thaw, or normal pipe vibration.

Of course, it should be investigated fully & abated for your continued enjoyment. A...

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To get the water to the top of the 11th story with any remaining pressure, it requires a pump in many buildings. On some taller structures, they tend to pump it up to a reservoir, then gravity helps to supply everyone below. Water pressure drops from gravity about 0.4#/foot, so say 10'/story, 110' means the pressure there would be over 40# lower than on the first floor.

If I had to guess, they were stingy on the pipe size, and the flow velocity at the required pressure is making the noises. Water hammers (the thud you hear) gets worse when the pressure is higher. In the USA, it's not supposed to exceed 80psi, and if it does, it needs regulation. Depending on how the pipe is run, and how it is supported, any noises can be telegraphed through the structure. This sort of thing is hard to be exact about without actually seeing and hearing the symptoms first hand, and it's easy to make the wrong diagnosis when you don't have all of the facts and...

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It's just that soil pipe from the flats above that I was thinking of for insulating. But, even that would be a major hassle for you.

How many bedrooms in these flats?

Peeps - Would each flat have its own 4" soil pipe, I wonder, or could it possibly be shared?

The noise you describe isn't 'unusual', Julie - any vertical 4" soil pipe will emit this type of sound when a loo is flushed, or a bath drained. I notice this sound from a plastic soil pipe I have running down a corner in a cupboard from the new loo upstairs - the sound of a lot of water being 'poured'!

If the soil pipe in your wall is making contact with your thin wall boards, then the sound will travel more. Even if it isn't, in the quiet of the night, you will almost certainly hear it.

It's all down to bad design, or poor construction, I guess. Builders should be aware of this kind of thing these days - no excuse. At the very least they should have wrapped the 4" soil pipe with lagging to deaden...

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Hey Bees, got another slight problem that I’m having a difficult time dealing with. We just moved into a new apartment roughly 3 weeks ago. It’s a downstairs unit, faces the back of the complex, very peaceful. Or so we thought. After we moved in, we realized we apparently live below a herd of miniature elephants and screaming monkeys.

Pretty much every single day, there is thundering across from one end of the apartment to the other (above us), like children running, heavy walking, stomping, the occasional thump like a body hitting the floor, accompanied by random children shrieking or hollering, or just more thumping. This causes our windows/glass doors to rattle, our walls to vibrate, and we have even felt the vibrations of the noises while laying on our bed (it’s a foam mattress)!

I have recorded some of the noise on my phone, and contacted the front office about it. They stated they would send out a noise violation notice. That was 3 days ago. The noises have not...

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Give this a try if you do not find a pressure reducing valve and do not have apressure tank on your water system:

Typically that is

water hammer

. Water pressure in your pipes is too high

You may need to allow your water arrestors to recharge. In some residences, pipes rise above the tee in order to trap air so that water does not "hammer" when turned on or off. Try turning off the water at the valve into your house. Open the hose bibbs, sink, bath and shower faucets and allow the cold water to drain out. Once drained, turn off the faucets and hose bibbs and turn the water supply valve back on. Start at the closest faucet to the water supply valve and turn them on throughout the house moving from closest to farthest. Air should sputter from each as you go. When you have all of the cold water running, air should be trapped in any arrestor pipes. Turn off the all faucets. Air should now be trapped in the arrestor pipes, softening the noise when water is turned...

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When your next-door neighbor’s decrepit air conditioning unit clanks and whirs so loudly you can’t sleep even with earplugs, or your upstairs neighbors clomp around day and night on hardwood floors, it’s time to launch a campaign to quiet your noisy neighbors.

Related: Outdoor Privacy Ideas to Hide Ugly Views and Noisy Neighbors

Show Your Noisy Neighbors How Loud They Are.

Step one in your noisy neighbor silencing plan is to invite them over to hear firsthand what you hear. If the neighbors smile, nod, and ignore your verbal request, write them a polite note about the problem and keep a copy for yourself. This note and others that you’ll write will help prove your case if you have to take your complaint to court later on. But first…

Tell the HOA How Noisy Your Neighbor Is.

When they continue being noisy neighbors, take your complaint to the first rung on the local authority ladder.

If you live in a home owners association, write the board...

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2 Answers

Kitchenaid mixer motor makes loud grinding, squeaking noise.

lgardash, Are you sure it's the motor or could it be the transmission?
It 'sounds' like you've got some transmission gear issues, and a situation similar to my wife's mixer, which we got new in Dec 2006. (Within a week of her first using it, she contacted KA Customer Care and the only 'care' they offered was an explanation that the new KA Pro Mixer gears are all metal and to expect it to be louder than previous models that used a plastic gear (to fail). Well, there's an acceptable level of noise, and an unacceptable level (you don't need to be a mechanical engineer to know when something doesn't sound right) and it seems that my wife's new mixer's operating noise level was always unacceptable. It finally 'died' this past October.) OK I've vented enough on KA... now what might be your problem(s)?
It could be as simple as thorough normal use the gears have shifted slightly in the...

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Dealing with Noisy Neighbours

Hi. I used to live in a flat in Oxford with my (now) wife. It was our first rental property together and we were really pleased to have found it. It was far and away the nicest place in our budget that we had seen - it was big enough, in a good location with good cycle routes and bus services into the city, and it had a great big garden which we loved. But it also came with a problem which was that it was the downstairs flat in a converted house and there was no sound insulation - and I mean none at all, zero, zip, nada sound insulation between the upstairs flat and ours.

Noisy neighbours

When we first moved in there was a couple upstairs that were about to move and quite frankly we could not be bothered to kick up a fuss when we knew they would only be there for another couple of weeks. We thought they were just inconsiderate and that the noise issue would be no more when new, nicer neighbours moved in to replace them. The...

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If your faucet makes noises, there is a specific reason why. Not all faucets screech or squeal when turned on or off, but some do because of the parts inside the faucet. You will find that a simple repair fixes most faucet noises; however, some are much more complicated and require the help of professionals.

Screeching Noises

A screeching noise is common in kitchen and bathroom faucets. Though this noise is mainly heard in older faucets, it will occur in some new faucets. The problem is caused by a loose seat washer inside the faucet handle. The washer is actually wobbling around when the water is turned on, so it makes a screechy sound. To solve this issue, just take off the handles to the faucet. Unscrew the stem and seat with a seat wrench, and replace them both with brand new parts.

Airy Blasts

If your faucets are making an airy blasting noise, it is due to excess air in the pipes, which is caused by a number of issues like excess air in your water...

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With noise so all pervasive, many people simply do not realize when they are causing a disturbance to others.

If they knew, some would no doubt cease the offending activity. It is for this reason that a friendly approach to a noisy neighbor should be the first reaction.

One person became angry over his neighbors’ official complaints that he was noisy. He said:

I would have assumed that they would have come round to see me face-to-face if they were upset with the noise.”

A mother who organized a party for some young children expressed astonishment when confronted by an official investigating a noise complaint.

“I wish those who made the complaints had knocked on my door and told me if they were unhappy,” she observed.

Little wonder, then, that one environmental health officer was amazed to discover that 80 percent of those complaining about domestic noise have never asked their neighbors to quiet down.

But why are so many people reluctant...

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