Questions about: low-voltage

You may be able to keep low-voltage wires out of sight and out of your path simply by running them under rugs and behind furniture. If not, here are some solutions for hiding speaker wire—or just about any other type of low-voltage wiring (for phones
This is the most common problem with the Nest. You need to hook up a "C" wire. Here's the thing
I'm running cable for a motion sensor for our alarm system. I want to put it in the corner of the room and run the cable down inside the wall cavity, then through the right-side stud and down to a hole to the basement. However, at the bottom of that
From an Engadget report: Mesh networking has become trendy for folks looking to fill every nook and cranny of their homes with Wi-Fi. So it should be no surprise that the makers of the most iconic router ever is unveiling its own system. The Linksys
What watt power transformer should I be using? You can use a power supply like the one pictured, rated for the amount of LED's you will be driving. Read the specs on the lighting. They should tell you how many watts per a given length of the strip
For years, the automatic sprinklers in my house worked fine (they were there when I bought the house). A few months ago, I noticed that the station which controls drip irrigation for shrubs would not shut off. After some lightweight troubleshooting,
My house's builders seem to have cut one of the Cat-6 internet cables somewhere along it's run from the basement to the data hub where all of the other cables converge. It might even be between the floors. This is a low voltage circuit
There have got to be 10s of thousands of different connectors to get that job done. They range a lot in simplicity, looks, cost, permanentcy, etc. The easiest are those colored 'wire connectors'
Wrapping garbage in newspaper and discarding it in a trashcan is outdated. We just throw the garbage in the disposal, run the.
I have an electric fence/wire around the top of my split-rail fence surrounding about 1 acre of land. I keep finding dead birds right next to/under the fence wire. Not just one or two, but actually have found 6 birds so far this summer (small sparrow