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I'd say you have two courses of action. If you have the proper tools and knowledge, you could test the motor yourself. Compare the readings you get, against the manufacturer's specification
Where I live there are a lot of old trees (often landmarks) protected by laws as natural monuments. Rotting of tree bases is a common phenomenon while the living parts are saved by a multitude of measures. Bases are prone to rotting due to moisture a
I have a Honeywell Beckett oil burner/furnace that is less than 8 years old. We've lived in our home for 6 years now, and it has been running like a champ the whole time (no problems whatsoever). Most years I turn the furnace off in May once the weat
Rust happens. Especially to steel-tank water heaters. Manufacturers take precautions to protect the water heater, but the best they can do is delay its inevitable demise
Some other helpful hints (not from Heloise) 0) ALWAYS wear gloves and eye protection. (Note: if you're using one hand to hold down the material being drilled, a glove can reduce injury if the drill bit jams. On the other hand, you should never depend
I have a toilet which was both running and leaking and I tried to fix it myself. I replaced the fill valve, the flush valve and the main gasket, all with items from Home Depot. Home Depot had one model of everything, all cheap plastic, so there was n
The designer of my compressor unfortunately didn't put a whole lot of thought into where to put the drain valve on it. It's on the back, and the compressor is against the wall, in a corner, usually with a mower or something backed up to it. Draining
Sloped Low Profile Covers Our Sloped low profile covers are a great way to let the light shine in your basement! Unlike many mass produced window well covers, our Sloped covers are made of nearly indestructible polycarbonate (brand name Lexan®). The
Are you looking for information on water heater relief valve? On thispage you'll learn what a hot water heater relief valve is, how to check it, how to replace it and what you should do if its opening on its own. Shop for relief valves below TPR Valv