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While a plain concrete brick wall is sturdy and serviceable, it's not exactly the most attractive addition to your home and may call for some customization. Stucco is a durable surface treatment that covers concrete block or bricks with little prepar
Overview: Types of fastenersPhoto A: Light-dutyGood for wall hangings up to about 50 lb. Photo B: Medium-dutyGood for wall hangings up to about 200 lb. Photo C: Heavy-dutyGood for structural purposes and high strength
This paver patio took some work to build, but it turned out great. The built-in fire pit really makes this patio special. Sandra Downie of The Rustic Life built this paver patio to complement her gorgeous rustic-style deck, part of our Patio Style Ch
Okay, I've got a recently-installed standing-seam metal roof. The roofers ground out the brick in my chimney to install counter-flashing. Recently there was a big leak around the area of the chimney
WASHINGTON Pounding the pavement is getting a little easier on people’s knees in many cities around the country. For reasons of safety and ease of maintenance, Washington and dozens of other communities are installing rubber sidewalks made of ground-
those prints once they are burned in the glass: o Place the glass in front of the appliance and fix it with the glass clamps. Replace the frame. o Check on visual leakages around the door sealing
There are many motors out there that are suitable for a benchtop disc sander. However, free motors are the best motors. If you can find any motor second hand, that would be best for this project
Weather reports are calling for heavy rain this afternoon and evening in Atlanta, and with heavy rain come flooded basements. No matter the source of basement flooding, whether it’s a burst pipe or a leak from the outside, you can be in deep water fa
I need to pour small stair entry into my basement, about 4 steps and it is narrow, with a brick retention wall on both sides. I was going to first evenly grade and pack the dirt, then put gravel, then pour concrete (framing and rebar aside). Does tha
make concrete stairs can be attractive with the help of its wood finish Gray, rough concrete not overcame in a private home, if it is certainly not a design idea. To ensure that such a staircase fits into the interior, it is lined with wooden decorat