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Many men, even the most courageous mind, is not alien to the cute little things. Only when they buy them, then you start to justify that you take the girlfriend, wife or sister. Today the Website offers the reader a hilarious story about how the man
Concrete is an increasingly popular material for countertops because it is versatile, durable and environmentally sound. Building molds and precasting countertops in a studio allows designer/fabricators to cast and cure slabs under controlled tempera
I have tried numerous types of surfaces in the hopes that I would be able to make a good, cheap whiteboard. In order to save you time and money, I have posted my results on the web. I hope this helps you out
It has wheels. Do you have any plans to move this thing? EVER? Because trailers flex, and there are two strategies for dealing with that. #1 make careful material choices so the trailer structure can flex without taking damage
1 Start by getting a lot of stones, fairly consistent with the size of the wall you're building. Get big stones for a big wall, smaller stones for a smaller wall. Make sure you have a good supply of smaller stones that can fill gaps
Maybe I was, however, as I said, recalling from my schooldays (30 plus years ago I might add) calcium is still extremely volatile when exposed to moisture. I seem to remember that when calcium was dropped into a water tank it was very, very "fiz
Inexpensive or Mobile: This is a rented place, I don't want to spend too much money into this if I cannot move/reuse the materials to a new place. So, my questions are, which material is best for my use case? Steel cage with plywood walls? or Steel c
I'm planning a permanent greenhouse structure that will be attached on one wall to my house. The estimated size will be about 16ft wide, 45ft long, with the lowest wall being approximately 9ft tall and sloping up to about 15ft. I will be fabricating/
dcf839 No. 7346 Something I see pop up a lot more now than a few years ago (though it's been around for several, just more common now) is the consensus that any fluffies who aren't bright red/blue/yellow/purple/etc. colors are automatically worthless