Mending plastic sheeting behind sheetrock

Build a framework to hang the sheetrock from.

This usually consists of 2 x 4-foot (5.1 x 10.2 cm) framework attached to the basement concrete wall with screws.

Install insulation board onto the concrete or cinder block wall prior to installing the framework using construction adhesive applied with a caulk gun. This will form a vapor barrier between the walls and the sheetrock. The studs, or furring, will have a top and bottom plate with the studs on 16-inch (40.6 cm) centers. Plumb the framework by using shims, or wedges, between the face of the basement wall and your framework. Begin framing from one corner and work around the basement back to your starting...
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See our Door Trim Panel Installation procedure. Also, see our Procedure below for installation of the protective plastic sheeting.

(Note: There is another option to the following procedure. Mid-America Motorworks (and others as well) carries 14-mil Poly Door Panel Vapor Barriers specifically made for the Beetle, Super Beetle, Ghia and Bus. Installation is easy, they say; each panel is pre-cut and comes with double-sided adhesive and door panel clips. Cost - $24.99 with the clips; $19.99 without.)


Discussion -- Sticky Moments
with Plastic Sheeting

By Rod Young (adapted) Courtesy of Club VeeDub Sydney. ~~~

Note: From August 1965 a plastic sheet was cemented to the inside of the door frame to provide better sealing against the entry of water between the inside of the door and the door trim panel. Appropriate plastic sheeing can be purchased at any hardware store (e.g., 2.0 mil plastic drop cover).

When working inside your doors, you may have...

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The following sheetrock and repair tips include a dependable step-by-step routine for sanding any drywall project, along with a link to some important painting tips and other information that you won't find anywhere else!

The fact is it's EASY to sand drywall when you follow the step-by-step instructions for taping and coating in the Trade Secrets Course. You re in for a SHORT day of sanding - and a day of painting that s guaranteed to put a grin on your face! I ve used the following simple step-by-step routine to sand drywall for decades, because my reputation depended on it!

Even if you decide to use the sanding machines that are available, you ll still need this step-by-step routine for correcting every flaw - BEFORE you start painting.

First of all, there s no need to sand drywall two different times with two different types of sandpaper, although some authors recommend this approach.

Sheetrock and Repair Tips #1: If you haven t tried a...

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Place the patch in place.
The corners can be rounded to make a smoother transition.


Use about an 8-inch drywall knife.
Remove the patch and spread a layer of mud a little larger than the whole patch.
Get some mud inside the hole along the edges.
Place the patch in place.
Spread mud over the top, squeezing out any excess mud that is under the paper of the patch.
Let dry overnight.
Sand and apply another coat, feathering out the edges.
Let dry overnight.
Sand smooth.
If needed, do a third coat and let dry overnight.

Finish the surface to match the rest of the wall.


Often I can match the wall texture with this method:
Mix some sheetrock mud with water in a bowl or cup.
It should be fairly watery.
Take a paint brush and dip in the mixture.
Flip it toward the wall. Stop it suddenly with your hand so that it sprays onto the wall.

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My house was built around 2000, and seems to have plastic sheeting behind the drywall (I'm unsure what thickness plastic was used and what type of plastic; is there some sort of standard?)

My house just recently flooded, and they removed the bottom 2 feet of drywall + insulation + plastic sheeting (which seems strange, given that their concern was that humidity would get to the insulation, which is what the plastic sheeting is meant to prevent).

What is the correct approach to get the bottom 2 feet of drywall re-installed? Should plastic sheeting be used for the bottom 2 feet? Is it OK that there will be a gap between the old plastic sheeting and the new one?

Additionally, the walls in our basement were completely ripped out, so I'm not sure what was there; should plastic sheeting be used behind the dryall in the basement?

(I am in Colorado; we have frigid cold, dry...

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Whether you are new to the industry of renovations or if you are a veteran contractor who is simply curious, you may not know the difference between sheetrock and drywall. When comparing these two materials, it is similar to comparing Kleenex and generic facial tissues. Essentially, one is a name brand and the other is a generic brand. With that being said, here’s a more thorough explanation.

What is Drywall?

Drywall is one of the most commonly known materials used in the construction of homes to produce flat walls and other important surfaces. One sheet of drywall includes gypsum, which is essentially a type of rock that was turned into a powder and put in between two pieces of incredibly thick paper. When you are ready to install the drywall you will need to use screws or nails to attach it to the studs of the room and then fill the seams between the pieces of drywall with joint compound. In comparison to traditional methods such as plaster, drywall is far easier to...

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Sheetrock Repair

Are you looking for someone who can patch a small or large hole in your wall or ceiling? Well, look no further because we can help you repair any type of sheetrock and match the texture on your walls.

We have over 4 years experience doing drywall and interior plaster repairs. We only use the finest drywall materials and sheetrock repair methods. Every customers home is kept clean and neat, throught the entire process. We respect your home and with us you can rest assured that the work area will be masked, covered up, and protected as needed with drop cloths and plastic sheets.

We also repair walls that have been:

Damaged by water Damaged by Fire or smoke Cracked Contact us for a FREE Estimate on Drywall RepairTyler Painters

Sheetrock Installation


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There are a lot of strong opinions out there when it comes to home defense firearms. Nick’s Self Defense Tip; Don’t Use a Rifle caused some of the best discussion I’ve seen on the subject in a while, and it got me thinking on the subject as well. It seems to me that the biggest hang-up for any person, no matter what their view point is, is the issue of penetration. If I shoot someone in my house and miss, how many walls is it going to go through? Will it hit my neighbor’s house or go into the adjacent apartment? Is a rifle or shotgun round going to penetrate more walls than my pistol? These are valid concerns and ones that any responsible gun owner should consider. So I decided to get some supplies and see what would happen if I shot at and missed an intruder with the firearms I have in my household.

The idea was to create two walls using sheetrock and 2x4s. Each wall would be 4’x4’ and framed as if it were an interior wall in a house. Then the walls would be...

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Get a free SHEETROCK Tools BBQ set with a purchase of Ultralightweight All Purpose Joint Compound

For more details, go to

The following list of SHEETROCK Tools products will be discontinued in 2013: Available while supplies last

Finishing Knives
340047: Matrix 8” Polished Carbon Steel (Round Blade)
340048: Matrix 10” Polished Carbon Steel (Rounded Blade)
340049: Classic 8” Polished Carbon Steel (Rounded Bladed)

Offset Finishing Knives
340300: Offset 18” Blue Steel
340301: Offset 8” Blue Steel
340302: Offset 10” Blue Steel
340303: Offset 12” Blue Steel
340304: Offset 14” Blue Steel
340307: Offset 11” Blue Steel
340308: Offset 16” Blue Steel
340309: Offset 20” Blue Steel

Stainless Steel Mud Pans
340411: Classic 18” Stainless Steel Mud Pan
340412: Classic 24” Stainless Steel Mud Pan
340419: Classic 16” Stainless Steel Mud...

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Drywall Nail Pops

Can anyone provide suggestions regarding nail pop repairs to drywall?

Make sure they are dimpled down some. Use a larger nail set to get the bit under the surface. Then drywall compound patches sand smooth, prime and paint. If the walls are already, painted just feather out both the primer and the paint and you will not even notice them. If this is in a brand new home that is still under one year old make sure you have the contractor come out on repair them, as it is his responsibility. Part of most new home warranties from the builder themselves.

Nail pops & cracks

My home is 12 years. Recently 1st floor shows nail pops and cracks mostly on vaulted ceiling, you can see where the studs are. Second floor has nail pops in every room in a straight line. What's happening????????

Seasonal variations of humid-dry-humid makes the nails creep out of the studs. Take a hammer and pound them back into the drywall...

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It is quite simple to repair a hole in a Sheetrocked wall, however there are minor differences in methods of repair depending on how large the hole is.

Small size holes (1/4” or smaller)

With small holes, simply apply a little joint compound or wall putty with a small putty knife or trowel. Let dry, then sand lightly and paint.

Medium size holes (Greater than ј” in diameter and smaller than 2” in diameter).

First clean out the hole and surrounding area of any debris and loose sheetrock.

Then apply a mesh tape, specifically manufactured for sheetrock applications, across the hole. Use your putty knife to ensure that it is applied evenly on the wall surface.

Next apply a liberal amount of Joint Compound over the hole and mesh. Let this set for 1 to 2 days.

After the initial coat has been applied and has had time to fully dry, apply a second skim coat of Joint Compound over the area. However, this time spread the Joint Compound over an...

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I would join and ask at .

P-lam is manufactured for this application, but it is really pricey. Your GC does need to provide a perfectly flat and primed surface for any glued sheet (about gypsum association standard ~3). Contact cement is the standard for p-lam, but if it will work, FRP adhesive is easier to work with.

A serious question that needs to be honestly answered is how much will this job cost? How much will you make? And what is the liability?

If your application fails to meet the standards of the HO's due to no fault of your, such as a poor provided drywall finish, who is on the hook? A repair could ruin the GWB, and cost you more than what you were paid for...

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It’s bound to happen eventually; a doorstop fails to stop a door, a tub overflows and causes some cosmetic water damage, or a teenager just thinks hockey in the hallway sounds like a great idea… at some point, you’re going to be dealing with damage to your sheet rock. People often wonder how it is that we make a wall or ceiling look as good as new in situations like these so today we’re going to take you through our process.

There really is no simple answer to “how do you repair sheetrock?” It really depends on the damage itself and how much area we’re covering. Typically though, the first step in patching a hole in your sheetrock is to actually make the hole a little bigger and sizing it to a patch piece (not the other way around). By cutting the hole to fit the patch, you can ensure a clean and uniform fit when you set it in place.

Once the hole has been cut, we’ll secure some wood behind it so we have something to attach the patch to. From there, we trowel some...

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The company has recently started manufacturing its


plasterboard brand and wall solutions at its state-of-the-art production plant in Salalah, Oman

Our main brand names include USG Boral ceiling tiles, Fiberock, Durock,


, and Donn DX.

When these heavy, slow-moving (and often steel-clad) bullets hit


, they don't fragment quickly and they keep penetrating.

com as an informational portal that features educational resources on subjects such as property value benefits from drywall repair,


repair and mold and water damage repair, and many other helpful tips that can save you thousands of dollars in the Fairfield Area.

Soon after entering the shop, wild boar hid inside the cockloft but it jumped down, after holing


, in the middle of dummies and bit one of them.

Salalah: USG Zawawi Drywall SFZ's $37 million state-of-the-art facility at Salalah Free Zone (SFZ) was inaugurated...

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Choice Stucco, your registered stucco contractor in the Greater Vancouver area of BC brings over 30 years experience to the industry. Providing quality Imasco Stucco, we do new stucco applications as well as stucco repair. Choice Stucco stands behind our work. Offering a 10 year warranty on materials and 5 years on workmanship, you can be assured your stucco was done right. Our attention to detail is second to none. Trust your home exterior to Choice Stucco - where our workmanship shows the pride in our work. Our Stucco Company provides residential stucco, strata stucco & commercial stucco services to Surrey, Vancouver, West Vancouver, North Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, White Rock, Coquitlam and the rest of the Lower...

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This is driving me crazy.

We do repair work at a 274 unit Luxury apartment complex. This is owned by a realistate Investment firm. This is not a low end complex.

Today, we had to remove and replace a set of mullioned double hung windows. We had to remove the vinyl siding to get to the window flange. I came across the subject that I posted in the title line, in 3 other repairs at different areas on the complex.

The Exterior Sheathing that the vinyl siding and window flanges are nailed through are 5/8" SHEETROCK. I kid you not. All the buildings are built like this. 3 levels high with a basement level added. The Water and ice shield flashing was also there over the flanges. You could clearly see the water stains ALL OVER The surface paper of the GWB.
On top of that was the Tyvec. We could see nailing plates at the header area of the windows, so we are led to believe that these were pre-fab panels... (The Parent company that built these...

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It happens. Your moving a piece of furniture and it slides too far and hit’s the wall. Oh no! Look at that! Caved in, cracked, dented. A hole in your perfect wall. It can be fixed! You know what else also happens? Time. As time passes and your house settles and shifts sheetrock will often crack. It’s usually not the actual sheetrock itself that is cracking you know, it is a seem where two pieces of sheetrock meet and have been mudded. This problem too can easily be fixed.

The supplies you’ll need to fix any blemish in a sheetrock wall are sheetrock compound also called MUD, a sheet rocking tool called a sheetrock saw which looks like a kitchen knife in a way, some fresh sheetrock to be used when damaged area is cut out if need be, another sheet rocking tool called a sheetrock knife which is used to spread the sheetrock compound on the wall and make it smooth, sheetrock tape which is sticky on one side and comes in a roll which is used for seems, a screwdriver or drill,...

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How to Match a Swirl Texture on the...

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I was standing on the edge of the roof overhang, holding two bundles of asphalt shingles, when my boss’s son drove up. He looked at me, then took a long look at the empty space under the unsupported roof extension. I noticed his discomfort, so I sort of bounced up and down, right on the corner, four feet out from the nearest support. The roof didn’t flex.

“Want to build a shed for me?” he asked.

Not every building needs to be built like the Rock of Gibralter, but there are times and places when rigidity really counts. That shed I built needed a built-in roof overhang to cover an occasional woodpile overflow. Permanent roof supports would get in the way when the woodpile wasn’t there, and it would look tacky. I built the shed right in front of my boss’s house and I wanted it to look nice. The rigid roof cost only a few dollars more than traditional construction, and it solved an otherwise difficult problem. Applying one or more of the following five principles can add...

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