Metal and Plastic Bathroom Faucets are the Same?


It's cheaper for a company to use in-house "off-the-shelf" parts instead of having multiple, specifically tooled assembly lines for each and every model of faucet. The "internal parts" are all likely to be the same.

The extra manufacturing cost (we have to ignore whatever marketing says, and the effect of supply and demand*) comes from the fact that plastic can be cheaply injection molded (once you have the die), and that metal casting still requires numerous additional steps in the casting and finishing processes.

Every piece of cast metal you've ever held has been made from a (single use) mold, which was made off of a pattern (which can also be quite expensive).

Any casting with internal passages also requires the use of cores; an additional expense. Again, each of these are a single use item and it's quite probable that it requires more than one per casting.

All-metal faucets cost more because they... cost more; in materials and labor.


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A bathroom faucet is one of the most personal plumbing fixtures in your house. It’s what you see when you brush your teeth at night, it’s how you’ll wash your face in the morning–whatever your personal routine might be, the bathroom faucet is where it all happens!

There are lots of directions you can go in with these fixtures, but the design you choose can set the tone for the whole bathroom. So, it’s important to choose wisely! There are hundreds to choose from these days.

We’ve chosen faucets that both look great and work well. They’re reliable, functional, and efficient. Any one of our recommendations will save you water over an older model, and we’ve chosen a wide range of looks so you can suit your own personal style.

Here are just a few of our favorites:

What makes a great bathroom faucet?

great looksa user-friendly, ADA-compliant designwater-saving flow ratesstrong pressure or gentle flow, depending on your tastesreliable, durable...
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As you get a great bathroom sink or vanity set up for your bathroom renovation or new home, you’ll need a quality bathroom sink faucet to go along with everything you are trying to achieve.

With that in mind, you have to look carefully at how you’re going to install such a faucet.

You need a quality bathroom sink faucet that adds a good look to bathroom design. A well-made faucet should be something that is properly designed and is also ready to stand out.

A faucet set should be made with not only a good tap but also proper controls for hot and cold water. This is a look at some of the different kinds of bathroom faucets you can use today. These include many great options such as single-hole faucets, single handle faucets, faucets with spray heads, centerset faucets, and wall-mounted faucets, as well as the faucet finish such as a chrome finish, stainless steel, or satin nickel. They are sensible for a variety of bathrooms including your master...

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If you're replacing only the faucets and not the sink, you have to know which size unit to buy. Start by removing the existing faucet and measuring the distance, or spread, between the holes in the lavatory. Small lavs often have three holes that span 4 in.; they accommodate faucets that consist of a spout and separate handles connected by an escutcheon plate. Your new faucet must be configured the same way. The same holds for single-handle faucets and some two-handle units mounted in a single hole. Lavs with holes 6-, 8- or 12-in. spreads have separate handles and offer more replacement options. Next, consider who will use the faucet; this factor determines the style you choose as well as the inner workings you opt for. How many handles. Look for a single-handle faucet or one with lever handles for older users or anyone who has trouble turning round knobs. Also look for an "ADA Approved" (Americans With Disabilities Act) label. If you opt for round knobs,...

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Inspect your sink. Check to see how many openings there are and how far apart they are. You may have to look underneath to be sure. For bathroom faucets, in particular, the two handles may be joined with the spout to become a single unit or they may be spread apart from it. You will need this information to choose the correct replacement.


Obtain a replacement faucet.

You'll probably be using this faucet for a long time, so it's worth investing in a good-quality faucet.

It's possible to spend anywhere from about $20 to $500 and above on a faucet. Read reviews and decide for yourself how much of what you are paying is for quality and how much is for designer names/styling and fancy features.


Review the instructions that come with the faucet. They can range from detailed and helpful to minimal and frustrating. When in doubt, defer to the manufacturer's instructions rather than those you find elsewhere.



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Each type of space has its own set of design challenges but also its own series of elements which can add character to the decor and make it stand out and be unique. In the case of the bathroom, one of these elements is the faucet. Bathroom faucets come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and styles and although the vast majority follows pretty much the same classical design template, there are also plenty of interesting and less common designs to choose from.

These are single hole bathroom faucets from the Brooklyn 31 collection. They come in two versions, one for sinks and one for washbasins. They’re available in a variety of finishes as well as in several colors and color combinations. Their defining detail is the valve at the top.

The Jem 97 collection adds a touch of glamour to any bathroom. the faucets and handles are decorated with gems which completely change the design that would otherwise be very simple. This design detail also influences the rest of the decor,...

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Choosing bathroom faucets doesn't have to be difficult, though it's true that there are lots of choices and several important things to consider.

Certainly you'll want a style that suits your decor but there's also the configuration to consider, the type of finish it has, the kind of use the bathroom typically sees and the configuration of sink the faucet will serve.

Then of course, there's the budget to consider. Good bath faucets can be had for reasonable prices but at the farther end of the style spectrum, prices can get steep. Understanding what your needs are and knowing what's available will help you make informed buying decisions by striking a balance between those needs and your budget.

There's a lot of information here so if you're time constrained or just the type that just likes to cut to the chase, click on the Quick Fix section below. It's a high-points summary about making informed choices. But plan to come back later when you have more time...

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Consider the cost to replace your furniture, contents of lower floors, and flooring should you install the water supply valves incorrectly. I see it happen all too often.

Helps you to better understand the true potential cost when doing it yourself.

There are several variables that affect the cost of trimming out a bathroom that are not mentioned.

Is this a residential or commercial install?

Where are the fixtures now? Are fixtures included in the price? Who picks up and delivers the fixtures? What if they don't work or fit properly - who eats the cost to correct?

What warranty is offered for $730.00? Is tax included? When is job to be completed, M-F 8:00-4:00 or over the weekend/OT?

Is the toilet a standard 2 pc gravity flush?

Brass or chrome trim or plastic and cast metal?

Faucet 4" or 8" center set?

Size of cabinet, size of lav? Special materials?

Is this a 1/2 bath or part of the master?

Do you have a...

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I can't see replacing one plastic faucet with another plastic faucet, in the kitchen, if the first one irks you.
Since I live in my RV fulltime, I replaced the hideous kitchen faucet with a single lever faucet with a retractable spigot, with a built-in spray switch. It's the handiest upgrade I did because I use the kitchen faucet 10-20-30 times a day. Mine is all metal.

Its not so much that its plastic as cheap, flimsy plastic that would break if I look at it wrong. Plastic construction can be of relatively high quality, if manufactured using high strength composites.

I decided to (be frugal and) repurpose a stainless faucet I used in my darkroom some years back. Its all steel construction with white porcelain-like trim on chrome handles, with a gooseneck spout. It should go well with the twin-tub stainless sink. No sprayer hose, but I can always add one if the need presents.

By the way if you want a decent bath shower with boosted pressure power, go with the...
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Silvery polished chrome is still the most popular finish for bathroom faucets and other fixtures, but it is far from the only option today. Specialty bathroom stores offer an overwhelming array of colors, metals and styles. While there are important differences between these metallic finishes, what’s inside also counts.

Here is a guide to choosing bathroom fixtures, with comparisons of faucet bodies, finishes and valves. You can find other fixtures to match your faucets once you find a good deal on a high-quality faucet with the look and feel you desire.

Faucet Bodies

Many metal and plastic fixtures may be coated with nearly any finish, so ask about the material inside the faucet body. Also lift the fixture and feel the weight. A quality faucet should have some heft. Here are the best and worst options for faucet bodies.

Brass: All-brass faucet bodies will last for many years, and are unlikely to leak or corrode. It’s worth paying a little more for...

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