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Of available flow technology, what’s the best for petroleum-industry vent flare gas measurement? The flowmeter thus specified must measure flows ranging from one foot to 100 feet per second, without restricting flow, and all the while accommodate gas
I am facing very strange issue in my power meter & wiring. i am residing in Group society. following is my setup
I know that I can save some money by buying a smaller size ground wire. I cant find a calculator to figure it out. What would be the minimum size wire that I could get for the ground wire for a 300' run? Get a copy of the local electric codes and/or
The temperature of an object is basically a measure of the movement of the individual molecules. When you heat something up, you're adding energy to the molecules, making them bounce around faster and faster. If you imagine a room full of dancers, ge
Hey all, just wanted to quickly share this project i spent today working on. . This standard Aussie water meter has a little port where you can slip in a reed switch and measure water in 5L increments
I am replacing my existing faucet plumbing with red / blue PEX all over the house. Everything that goes to the sink, dishwasher, washer, bathroom sink and so on will be color coded and installed correctly. Although, I was pondering on changing my wat
NFPA makes important safety information, including the National Electrical Code®, available online As part of its commitment to enhancing public safety, NFPA provides free access to its codes and standards, including the National Electrical Code® (NE