Microwave Door Twisted


All experiments of Is It A Good Idea To Microwave This? in which the microwave door was sealed by the guys for safety reasons.are listed below. Each category's experiment items are listed in the order of when they were microwaved, starting with the earliest experiment onward.


Lava lamp (season 3) Coconut Bottle of beer (duct tape used on Penelope was from experiment earlier in season 9) Hair spray in oil (door blown open despite tape)

Zip Ties

CO2 canister Red spray paint (Whoopi) Red spray paint (Jasmine) Green spray paint (cut off Erin halfway through experiment)


Rocket Engines (random piece of metal) Samsung Galaxy Phone (barbecue...
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PULL THE POWER PLUG OUT, then slide the front right corner of the oven out over the counter, pull the door outwards a bit and slide a long knife up between the door and the inside of the door. Push upwards until the knife point hits the latch and press upwards till it opens.

The problem then seems to be that the "brain" of the microwave gets confused. If you plug it back in with the door open, it starts the plate revolving things turning AND MAYBE THE MICROWAVING. Could be dangerous. Once closed, the unit will not work (counts down for two seconds without revolving then shuts off).

I will take the entire thing apart to see if I can re-connect the electronics and the spring that controls the door mechanism, but all this malarkey about "leaking microwave radiation" is really, really sensationalist, but stupid. If the door latches, it is...

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Careless troubleshooting of a microwave oven can result in death or worse. Experienced technicians have met their maker as a result of a momentary lapse of judgement while testing an oven with the cover removed. Microwave ovens are without a doubt, the most deadly type of consumer electronic equipment in wide spread use.

The power supplies for even the smallest microwave ovens operate at extremely lethal voltage and current levels. Do not attempt to troubleshoot, repair, or modify such equipment without understanding and following ALL of the relevant safety guidelines for high voltage and/or line connected electrical and electronic systems.

We will not be...

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Sci.Electronics.Repair FAQ: Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Microwave Ovens [Mirrors]


There is often a simple cause: * Arcing in the oven chamber with a normal load (a cup of water, for example), often just indicates that a thorough cleaning of the oven chamber is needed, particularly around and inside/above the waveguide cover. Any food that gets trapped here will eventually burn and carbonize resulting in a focal point for further arcing. Usually, the waveguide cover is designed to be removable without taking the cover off of the oven. However, burnt food and carbon often make this difficult so that some disassembly will be required. Clean the waveguide cover and clean inside the waveguide as well. If the waveguide cover is broken or damaged seriously, replacement material is available. The oven will work fine without it but replacement will prevent contamination of the waveguide with food vapors or splatters which can lead to more ...
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Microwave ovens cook food incredibly fast, warming up refrigerated leftovers in minutes or less. But how does this great invention work?

Here, we explore the science behind one of the most revolutionary household appliances of the 20th century.

Microwaves Are A Form Of Energy

Microwaves are electromagnetic waves that fly through space at the speed of light. We can't see microwaves, but if you could, you would see the microwave cooking chamber light up with an intense glow.

Microwaves are shorter than radio waves but longer than infrared radiation. The microwave used for cooking is about 12 centimeters from crest to crest, says Louis Bloomfield, a professor of physics at the University of Virginia. At this wavelength, microwaves are readily absorbed by most foods. But the particles in a microwave, known as photons, don't have enough energy to damage molecules and cause cancer like ultraviolet rays or X-rays.

The Microwave Oven


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