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I have a full wall vanity mirror (70" x 42") in my bathroom wall. I need to drill some holes through it in order to install a vanity light. I realized that if the mirror is made from tempered glass it might shatter completely if I try to drill on it
50lbs is definitely something drywall or plaster can handle, but absolutely go with using the studs. Just regular wood screws or decks screws are fine, 2" to 2 1/2" long maximum to avoid any unknown electrical or plumbing. You can also double the scr
Here is an excerpt from Encyclopaedia Britannica about the History of Mirrors I conclude that they were first valuable items (so everyone wanted the expensive item as centrepiece); secondly the frames were valuable and thirdly, the functionality of r
At Aamsco Lighting, we help you make every room in your home inviting and cozy with our many different lighting solutions, and we know your bathroom shouldn't be any different. That's why we offer bathroom mirrors with LED lights. Available through w
SRFI 95 provides a sorting library. Many Scheme implementation also have sorting libraries built in, though not all of them conform to the SRFI 95 interface. If you need to write your own implementation (for homework, say), then you should use one of