Questions about: miter

Don't use a wood miter saw for steel with an abrasive blade, the plastic will fry and the grit will wear it fast, there not made for the grit or the heat, and you will want more than the 10" for the abrasive blades, depending on what your making a ha
The method for using the invention is in combination with a table style wet saw, in particular, one using a roller tray with lip or one that guides motor and the blade across a stationary tray with lip. The size and dimensions of the invention are wo
The diameter is important, as that's the maximum size blade that will physically fit in the saw. The arbor size is important, because that's the size hole that will fit on the saws mandrel. If either of these sizes are wrong, the blade simply will no
I already have the design sketched out and have figured out how much material I need, but now I'm stuck with this question: what sort of saw should I invest in to cut the 2x4s (I plan on either purchasing the plywood pre-cut or else having it cut to