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“Black Mold,” the most infamous toxic mold- stachybotrys atra, is actually quite rare. So while it is unlikely that you have it there are plenty of other more common molds that can make people ill. And any mold can certainly be fatal to your shoes, c
Mixing bleach with acid (even vinegar) will release chlorine gas, which is poisonous (and you will know because it hurts like death to breath chlorine). Mixing a cup of vinegar (5% acetic acid) with a cup of houshold bleach (5% sodium hypochlorite) w
2013: Be sure and read the comments, there is a ton of good information from other people who have gone through getting their iPhones wet. Thanks to all!—“Help! My iPhone got wet! WHAT DO I DO??” No worries. If your iPhone got drenched, here’s what t
Before I get down to details I just wannna say that we are in UK and unable to go anywhere else as of financial issues. We've been living and renting a bottom floor flat for 4 years and it's been total nightmare. We been doing fine
Advertisement - Continue Reading Below Issue #1: Condensation forms along the bottom or corners of the glassYour window is trying to tell you: The house is not adequately ventilated, or there is a high moisture level in the home. This is less of a wi
I don't think I've ever seen an old attic which didn't have flooring--I'd bet that practice started after the war when so many houses needed to be built for returning vets, since most of those didn't have full-height attics. :) I find the beaverboard
Insulating these pipes using pipe insulation reduces energy into unoccupied rooms and prevents condensation from occurring on cold and chilled pipework. Pipe insulation is also used on water supply pipework to help delay pipe freezing for an acceptab
I think that the landlord is responsible, but sometimes it's necessary to do things yourself. .
A typical dehumidifier and air conditioner are fundamentally the same thing. They use vapor compression refrigeration to move heat from one heat exchanger to another. Both have a cold side, which cools air that flows across it, causing condensation;