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I removed the cement board to replace it, and discovered that the moisture had apparently penetrated the cement board and reached one group of studs: I don't see anything that looks obviously like mold, and there's no moisture palpable in the affecte
Bleach is king for disinfection. But you have to be careful using bleach as it can bleach the carpet (of course). For general cleaning 5% dilution of household bleach is generally recommended (so, 6
Kit #20. Asbestos Test Kit Asbestos is a health hazard in many homes, offices and schools. Asbestos exposure can cause lung cancer
Bleach, when used carefully, may be effective at killing surface mold. However, when I started to research how to get invisible to the eye mold and it's related odor out of some unfinished wood, over and over I kept finding assertions that bleach is
It may be mold, but even if it were, you hardly need a professional to help you get rid of it, just spray down the area with bleach and wait a few minutes (not too many though, as that can damage the finish further) to let it do its thing, then (whil
Selling a house with suspected mold is not always easy, but not disclosing the damage is also risky. By drainage problem you are a bit vague.
I recently discovered that water was dripping from the ceiling light fixture in a first floor bathroom. It turned it was due to a toilet leak (faulty wax ring) in a bathroom directly above. The toilet leak has been fixed, and in fact there was no evi
The laundry room sink designs is simple thing but important for the completeness and the beauty of a laundry room. Designers have several ideas in putting the laundry sinks. At a glance, the laundry sinks are the same as the kitchen sinks
Why is attic black mold growing in your attic? Let’s digg a little bit more into the the attic black mold and why is it growing in your attic. There are actually several different reasons that might be responsible for the attic mold to appear under t
I removed the light fixture in the downstairs bathroom that the water was dripping through and discovered a patch of mold. It's only the size of the fixture (about a foot in diameter) and aside from the visible mold there doesn't appear to be signifi