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It seems that after a little use my app becomes slow and unresponsive on the UITableViewController. There are some pretty intensive methods but once these are done there's no reason why they should effect the overall performance of the app. I've been
I mount the sensor(s) in a different location from the lamps, wherever gives best sensing performance. I pull 3 conductors to the first sensor or lamp, then 4 conductors between each sensor and lamp: ground, neutral, always-hot (black) and switched-h
Advancements in technology have made it easier to collect data in the home, in warehouses and on production floors, and across cities. As this data is collected and interpreted, decision makers can now make meaningful use of it. These strides are cre
В этом посте я расскажу как подключить сенсор движения и LED-ленту, чтобы у вас дома автоматически включалась подсветка. Например, когда ночью заходишь в ванную. Или просто когда кто-то есть в квартире
I picked what I thought was a very fine brand of motion sensor, but the units are lasting only a few months. It's a 3-wire sensor: always-hot and neutral power the sensor, and switched-hot is passed through. As I read the documentation, I see them me
What are you trying to do? Transfer files from the camera to a Windows 8 computer Where does it apply? HERO4 HERO4 Session HERO3+ HERO+ LCD HERO Windows 7 How to do it There are a few different ways to get your photos and videos from the camera to yo
Disconnect the power line feeding electricity to the security light. This involves tripping the appropriate circuit breaker in a fuse box if the security light is hard-wired to its power supply or pulling its power cord from a wall outlet if the secu