Motion sensor activates for no apparent reason


It seems that after a little use my app becomes slow and unresponsive on the UITableViewController. There are some pretty intensive methods but once these are done there's no reason why they should effect the overall performance of the app.

I've been using instruments to determine what it could be, but it's proving very inconclusive. First off I can't recreate the issue via one method, it just seems to occur from general usage. The main thing using CPU is my cellForRowAtIndexPath according to thread usage. While I do actually do quite a lot of calculations, it doesn't explain two things. 1) Why this issue develops over time. I can scroll up and down the TableViewController several times when I first boot up the app and everything is super smooth. 2) Even when I remove all but 3 or 4 cells the unresponsiveness remains.

Another observation is that a modal ViewController has a very smooth animation when the app is first loaded, but ends up having this horrible jagged...

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Lights will not come


Lights come on

in daylight.

Lights come on

for no apparent



1. Light switch is turned off.

2. F l o o d l i g h t i s l o o s e o r

burned out.

3. Fuse is blown or circuit breaker

is turned off.

4. Daylight turn-off is in effect (re-

check after dark).

5. Incorrect circuit wiring, if this is a

new installation.

6. Re-aim the sensor to cover de-

sired area.

1. Light control may be installed in

a relatively dark location.

2. Light control is in Test.

(Set control switch to an

ON-TIME position).

1. Light control may be sensing

small animals or automobile traf-

fic (re-aim sensor).

2. R a n g e i s s e t t o o h i g h .

(Reduce Range).


Lights stay on...

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The motion light on the side of my house keeps turning on for what appears to be no reason. It'll stay on for 1 minute...turn off for a few seconds....then turn back on. Some times it stays off for a few seconds, some times a few minutes, etc...

They recently changed my electrical meter from the old style to the new digital style. This is about 2 feet away from the light. I don't remember having this issue before that, but I'm not 100% sure. Could this be causing the problem?

It's also a few feet from the A/C unit. Could that be causing the problem? I'm not sure if it only comes on when the A/C is on (maybe it senses the fan movement?). That being said, I don't recall having this issue in previous years.

I have the exact same light fixture in another location and it's working fine.

Basically, what types of things will trigger the sensor? Does it have to be motion or does it pick up electrical triggers?

I have the motion sensor on its lowest...

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It could be the sensor settings are set too sensitive, but unless the system had a scheduled update without your knowledge, and the update made the settings more sensitive,
you would've noticed before now.
It could also mean you have a mouse in the house, who's big enough to trigger the sensor, but not big enough to really be seen or heard by you..or even a bat.
My ADT alarm went off repeatedly (to the point I just turned the whole thing off). But my house was from the 1920's and the system was set up via a landline. It would trigger itself constantly..most friends/family ADT techs concluded it was the ghost of the woman who lived there prior to myself..some refused to come back. (ha)
It's as if ONCE that system's triggered, it's trigger happy, I do know that.
You could've left a window unlatched, or maybe the whole system has to be rebooted.
Last but not least;
Phone Law...

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How to shop for motion sensor light switch?

A motion sensor light switch is a device that detects motion in a house or office, turns on lights automatically and turns them off after a predetermined period of time when no motion is detected. The switches of this kind are great energy saving devices that help reducing the amount of electricity that is wasted in the premises, provide extra security and safety in the house and ensure perfect convenience for the residents. The switches have become essential elements of any commercial construction for more than twenty years and now they are popular devices for home applications.

There are a variety of motion detector lights available on the market today. They differ by mounting, type, style, job usage, wattage, voltage and technology applied. Before selecting and purchasing the proper light switch device that is suited for certain home conditions it is important to pay attention to type of tubes they will elaborate. Most of...

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