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Adding a roof over a concrete porch is a way to enhance the outdoor sitting area. Whether that structure is fully enclosed or a basic roof covering, it will need some type of vertical posts for support. Using a metal bracket that is mechanically conn
All Ceilings and Partitions Ltd is a professional building company based in Sheffield and the surrounding areas. From installing a new driveway to building your dream home, we can provide you with the help and advice you will need on helping you meet
If any type of drywall anchors are failing me, I immediately switch to toggle bolts. The down side being that if they also rip out they're going to pull off large sections of plaster. Finding the studs is always better
On a previous TV, I installed an articulating TV mount (80lbs total with mount) on two metal studs with 4 snap toggles (that's 2 snap toggles per metal stud) The snap toggles are suppose to support up to 80lbs each. So i'm guessing with 4 snap toggle
Is there anyway to safely mount a ceiling fan to this type of older ceiling junction box (see the photos)? I rent an old 1920's built house where an old hanging light fixture junction box was covered with a blank panel. I want to hang a ceiling fan i
The best way to deal with this problem is to first mount a suitable piece of 3/4" plywood on the wall such that it spans to studs where it can be securely attached. The TV mount can then be mounted to the plywood using suitable screws that go into pr
1 Attach your brackets to the TV. Before making any holes in your wall, make sure that you can properly attach your brackets to your TV. Most TV mounting kits will come with a set of mounting hardware that you can use for this stage