Mounting a window air conditioner on top of a sliding horizontal window


I need to install a window air conditioner in my master bedroom. However, the only suitable window there is a horizontal sliding window. To complicate things more, I need to place it on top, since my king size bed obstructs the lower part, as you can see here:

This is how that window looks from the outside:

I'm thinking in building a support structure like this one, using 2 by 4 planks:

And after some thinking I think I can attach the transversal planks to the vertical ones, instead of attaching them to the outer wall, like this:

And now, I'm thinking I can get rid of the exterior support structure altogether (in red in my last two pictures). The AC unit weights 48 lbs.

What do you think? Is there a simpler/better way to do it? Also, I'm renting, so I'd lean towards a solution that does the minimum damage to the window...

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Choose a horizontal window to use for your new air conditioner. The window should be within reach of an electrical outlet and free of any obstructions that would block the airflow. Measure the window opening to make sure you purchase the right size air conditioning unit.

Open the window all the way and check the windowsill for rotting or splintering. Push gently on the sill to make sure it is stable and will hold the air conditioner's weight. If you find any problems, replace the windowsill or install the air conditioner in a different window.

Install the mounting bracket on the windowsill according to the manufacturer's instructions. Most window air conditioners use a metal bracket with a center screw to adjust the positioning.

Check the mounting bracket with a level. Adjust the center screw as needed until the bracket is perfectly level. If the bracket is tilted, the air conditioner can fall out of the window or leak water into the home.

Have a...

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I had to make my own adapter to fit an AC unit in a window like that. I used plywood cut to fit the max window opening, with a space cut out of it for the unit. Holding it in place was a real challenge. I used wood blocks on the outside, with screws from the inside to sandwich the plywood and hold it. Some thief could have got in, but it would have made a bunch of noise, etc. I guess breaking a window also makes noise though. The fun part was making a bottom brace to support he wieght of the unit and keep it from falling out.
Think about getting one of the portable units on wheels, then all you have to do is make an adapter for the waste heat tube, it has to be easier.

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If you live in a home that doesn’t have central air, you can remain comfortable on humid days by installing one or more window air conditioners. Since they're geared to cool one or two rooms, window air conditioners are usually more energy-efficient than using central air conditioning. The units offer a low-cost way to help you beat the summer heat.

Pick the vertical-sliding window where you want to install a window air conditioner. The window should be within reach of a three-prong outlet. Using an extension cord or power strip likely can’t supply enough power to run your air conditioner. Measure the width of the window opening so you know how large your window air conditioner can be.

Check the windowsill for rot or other damage. Weak windowsills likely won’t support the weight of your window air conditioner. You should repair the windowsill prior to installing your air conditioner or pick a different window.

Place the mounting hardware on the windowsill or...

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Installing an air conditioner into a horizontal window, which is a window that slides left and right instead of up and down, is similar to installing an air conditioner into a vertical-sliding window. Horizontal-sliding window air conditioners are commonly called slider air conditioners or slider casement air conditioners. Before buying your air conditioner, measure the window opening, so you know how wide of a unit you can install.

Choose the window where you’ll install your air conditioner. The window should be within reach of a three-pronged outlet. Plugging your air conditioner into an extension cord may not provide enough power to the unit. Slide the window open.

Inspect the windowsill. If the windowsill is old, weak or shows signs of damage, it may not be able to support the weight of the unit. Replace the windowsill or select another window.

Cut a strip of weatherstripping the same width of the window opening. Remove the adhesive backing from...

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Prepare a measuring tape, level, flat-head screwdriver, level, angle brackets and scissors. Electric drill, screws and wood may also be needed. After choosing a suitable vertical-sliding window, measure the window opening’s width to determine the appropriate size of the window AC. Fix the windowsill if it is damaged. Use the given screws to attach mounting hardware on the windowsill, ensuring the window AC is locked into place. Read the manufacturer’s manual for exact instructions. Use the required number of brackets, and use a level to ensure proper installation. Install the built-in extension panels that come with the AC unit, and slide the AC into the window opening, positioning it into the mounts. Ask for help from another person if the air conditioner is too heavy. Once the AC unit is locked into place, secure it by closing the window. Fill gaps between the air conditioner and the window frame by sliding out the accordion panels. Use foam insulation strips to fill gaps between...

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We have sliding windows. Apologies for not knowing that a casement window is not the same (definition from ): casement window swings open on hinges attached to the upright side of the frame.

Price is the reason I bought the AC for a double hung sash window.

Thanks for the suggestions on installing. I plan to install it in the proper orientation (horizontally). A Kent Building Supplies person suggested building a wood frame to support the unit, and using something like plexi-glass to fill in the top. The window would slide to the side of the AC unit. He said he did this for a friend, it works well, and allows for easy removal in the winter. I live in Halifax, Nova Scotia, Canada, and the winters can be cold, sometimes down to -30C, or about -21F.

So, I'm still looking for ideas.

- Dugie

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Installing a window air conditioner in a double-hung window is an easy job that should take less than an hour in most situations. The steps given here are meant to serve as a general guide.


Window-mounted air conditioning unit is easy to install in a double-hung window. Side flaps accordian out to fill the opening.

Various brands of window air conditioners have differing attachment methods. New window air conditioners are packaged with manufacturer’s instructions for installation—be sure to follow these directions. If you attach a unit improperly, it could fall.

Measure the size of the opening to make sure the unit will fit. See Sizing a Room Air Conditioner for information about sizing the unit.

The best type of window for receiving a window air conditioner is a double-hung window that can be opened at the bottom. The AC unit will need to be plugged into an electrical outlet that can supply the necessary current without overloading the...

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The sliding window air conditioner is suited for personal use in a studio apartment. These air conditioners also consume less energy than other models. They are also the best option to cool a small area or a small house with 1 or 2 rooms. You can install an individual air conditioner in different rooms so that you can set the temperature according to your preference. Many people think that installing an air conditioner requires a high level of expertise, but it is actually very easy to install an air conditioner in a sliding window.


Window air conditioners are heavy, so you need to ensure that you lift it in the right manner without putting too much strain on any body part, which may injure you. Consider the size of the window before buying the air conditioner. With the right size, the gaps between the window and the air conditioner will be reduced, trapping the cold air in the room. This will ensure proper cooling of the room in the most effective...

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Next you will want to dry-fit your air conditioner. Set the A/C into the frame with the bottom lip against the outside of the frame. You'll notice that the top lip is probably U-shaped with the back side being shorter. The last piece of 2X4 will sit across the top of this shorter leg of the U (or the top of the A/C if there isn't a second leg). But don't screw it in yet.

To figure out the placement of this piece of 2X4, lean the A/C so that the front vertical piece of the top lip lines up with the front edge of the wood frame. This is how the A/C will be oriented in the frame when complete, tipping the unit back.

While you're holding the A/C in place, take a look at the whole configuration to make sure it leans back sufficiently. Air conditioners must drain and are built to tip away from the window. If this lean appears to be too little (it really shouldn't be if the top and bottom lip are properly aligned with the frame), then you might want to rip this last piece of...

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Looking for the best way to keep your body cool under extreme summer exposures? Fear not. I’m here to help you in finding the best solution to avoid the direct heat dissipation from the sun.

The window fans help to bring the cool air inside the room by exiting all the hot air present inside your space.

The outlook appearance of the window fans differs with other types of fans such that it needs the window space for perfect affixation to get rid of the air pollutants. Choosing the best window fan among the wide varieties is a difficult task to overcome.

So I have mentioned some of the best window fans in this article for your quick reference.

How Is Window Fan Defined?

The window fan is specially designed to be fixed into the window space which comes out with the metal sheet mounting around all the edges.

It is totally different from other types of the fan such as tower fan, table fan and ceiling fan. But it tends to offers the users with...

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