Mounting TV on metal studs?


The wall contains metal studs 24 inch apart. On a previous TV, I installed an articulating TV mount (80lbs total with mount) on two metal studs with 4 snap toggles (that's 2 snap toggles per metal stud) The snap toggles are suppose to support up to 80lbs each. So i'm guessing with 4 snap toggles that equates to 4 x 80 = 320lbs distributed among two metal studs. However, my TV and mount is only 80lbs, so I thought that would be fine and haven't had any issues yet.

The question is:

I haven't really used the articulating full motion aspect of the mount yet. It seems pretty sturdy, but I've never dealt with metal stud before as support. Should I be afraid that If i move it around that it could rip out of the wall?

So I have another TV that I need to mount. With the dimensions of the room, it looks like I can only use one metal stud. The TV is also lighter, so with the mount it'll be around 70lbs for a 43 inch LCD and the mount will be an articulating (ex....

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Ok, This is what I did to mount my TV.

Home Depot:

6-HILT Zip Anchors with 2.5 inch screws

4- Large Washers

1- 1 x 10 x 20 (Pine wood)

1 -1/2 inch drill bit to make holes.

1 - Level

Pint of black paint.

This is for a 27inch Samsung LCD.
Each Anchor will hold 90lbs.

Measured holes 3" from the lenght of the board and 2" Down to give me distance from the edges to prevent cracking. I did this on both sides. I then found center of board for mounting.

WARNING: Be sure that you are centering the mount where the LCD is going NOT where the mount attaches to the wall. When the mount is completely closed you'll notice that where the mount attaches to the wall will be off centered, so when the articulating arm is completely closed the mounting plate for tv will be on center.

I pre drilled all my holes in the board first. Then placed the board on the wall where I'm mounting, and marked on the wall...

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I'm an electrician who has spent many years having to install heavy items in buildings like hospitals and schools which use metal stud and drywall wall. You're right that it would not work to hang the TV from the studs themselves. What you need to do is carefully cut out a piece of drywall between three of the studs about 6" high at the height you want to install the TV and install wooden blocking. YOu need:

- keyhole saw with fine teeth for cutting the drywall
- two 16" pieces of wooden 2 x 4
- a level
- battery drill with #3 phillips drive bit
- 1 1/2" long phillips drive tek screws (self tapping screws with flat bugle type heads)
- scrap of drywall to patch the hole (you can usually buy half sheets or 2' x 2' pieces at building centers)
- drywall tape and joint compound
- a metal joint knife for spreading the compound and sandpaper to finish it when it dries

measure to the height where your hanger bracket for the TV will go and...

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Thanks Bob!

Also i found this useful site which gives step by step instructions:

Securing Flat Screen Televisions
Securely mounting a television or computer monitor to the wall reduces the risk of injury and damage.

Before beginning work

The television should weigh less than 110 lbs and have a 60-inch diagonal screen size or smaller.

Check to make sure framing studs behind the drywall are not more than 24 inches on center apart.

If the tv weighs more than 110 lbs. or the studs are more than 24 inches on center, have the television professionally installed.

Materials List

Stud finder

Drill plus 1/8 inch, 1/4 inch and 3/8 inch diameter drill bits

3/4-inch thick x nominal 12-inch wide x 28-inch long (minimum) wood board (plywood or solid wood; NOT OSB or particle board)

Find additional guidance in the IBHS Guide,...

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Madi Z: Why did you use a 1/2 inch bit? I'm condused

JCT: Very good video, I like the plywood idea.

I'd like to mount my 65" TV (60lbs) on a full motion mount but my wall has metal studs, what do you think? would the plywood be enough?

What if I put a piece of plywood big enough to reach 4 metal studs, would that add more safety?

Shawn Skinner: how did you drill through the metal stud?

Jose Posada: how many pounds its the maximum can hold ?

Jose Posada: good ideas TKS

Louis-Philppe Comeau: Thanks Ken! This video means that I will be able to keep my Christmas present (My wife insist that it must be mounted on the wall. I now know how to do it properly. Thanks for your detailed descriptions and logical explanation of the steps. Thanks also for showing me the proper toggles to used and the proper drill-bit. You rock!

Chris Littmann: +KenTraining — I feel like I might've missed a step.

You put in the toggles in the wall, and then...

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Hi Dan, I understand your concern; flat screen TVs aren't cheap and the last thing you want is to find it on the floor one day. Metal studs come in various gauges or weights and for an interior partition I'm sure you probably have one of the lighter metal studs manufactured.

Light gauge metal studs are easy to work with, but not too good for attaching anything heavier than a painting without adding some blocking. The problem is they are such a thin gauge that they twist, flex, and bend easily. If you don't have a sharp bit when drilling your hole, pushing on the drill to start the hole could cause the stud to bend.

Your idea to use toggle bolts rather than drywall or self tapping screws is good and with a 29 pound TV there's a chance that you may never have a problem with the metal studs carrying the weight, but if it was my wall mount flat screen TV, I don't think I would want to take the chance.

It's pretty easy to add a little blocking to metal studs to...

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