Multi-cutter blade blunt in 1 day. Bad blade? Bad Technique?


I recently bought Dewalt's Oscillating Multitool. (DSC355) It came with (amongst others) a wood blade and a "wood with nails" blade

Today I was using it to replace wooden brick in a parquet floor. It involved slicing down between bricks to cut the dowels that hold each brick into its neighbour, then cutting an angled slot into the brick so that I can get a flat chisel in to get the brick up.

There was a little bitumen on the undersides of the bricks, but I was trying to avoid getting into that with the cutting blade.

After about 2 hours of intermittent cutting, I realised that I was no longer actually cutting with the teeth of the blade, but was in fact burning a slot into the wood - there was smoke coming out of the slots, not wood dust! On closer inspection I found that the blade was almost completely blunt. I switched blades and the other one was gone after a further hour of (non-continuous) cutting.

Wood in question is old (and moderately...

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Using the right brush cutter blade for your brush cutter machine will help you get a more tidy and well-leveled lawn. To know more details, please keep on reading!

When it comes to challenging clearance work in the garden, knowing what brush cutter blade is best suited to your brush cutter machine is very important. Purchasing the best brush cutter blade brand can be confusing due to the sheer variety of it on the market today. Hence, it is important to do some research before making that choice.

Grass cutting in the front lawn

Choosing The Best Brush Cutter Blade

Those with larger complicated gardens might find that using the best brush cutter blade may bring greater output on serious cutting work. Cutting through dense undergrowth requires more power than using regular grass trimmers. Instead of hiring a contractor, consider buying a brush cutter unit and do it yourself for a lesser cost. With the right combination of a perfect machine and blade...

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My name is S Das [protected]. I purchased a Glenn GL 4052 SX from Maharashtra Electronic Corporation 215 M G Rd Pune on 9th July 2011, but we were surprised to find some of the blades including the main chopper to be totally blunt & not usable. We were asked to contact the service centre Mr Jadhav at Katraj service centre ,Service centre person has inspected the same & has agreed that the same needs replacement & till last 30 days there is no action. Now the service dept is informing us that they only can sharpen the blades & return, but for that we have to deliver the blades at service centre & pick it up when it is ready. My question is that if I have bought a new machine why we should get an old blade. Our request to the company is the following :
1) fresh blades from the company.
2) moreover since we are unable to use the machine we will demand for extended...

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