Multi-home Utillity Alley Potholes - fix it my self or is there someone to call?


Ive recently bought a house that has a service alley in the back leading to parking. Its a no outlet alley servicing about 4-6 houses (mostly rented) which is probably why it hasn't been properly maintained.

The potholes are on the verge of being "tub"holes if youre catching my drift.

Should i fill them with gravel for the time being or is there someone i can call to fix them?

First step will be determining who owns the land. I'd start by contacting the landlord, as they should know who owns the land. Depending on where you live, the city/town hall should have lot surveys (these are required at the time of sale, in some areas). So if the landlord doesn't know who owns it, you should be able to look it up.

If it's an easement, maintenance likely falls to the property owner. If it's outright owned by a utility, then it should be the utilities responsibility. In all cases, it's almost never a renters responsibility.

February 16, 2016...

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I'm inheriting a project that has, until now, had all its artifacts maintained in CVS and FogBugz. There's a ton of old and new documentation in MS Office format that needs to be reconciled.

I've seen some presentations on IBM Rational DOORS and think it would solve the lack of traceability across all these different documents and systems. My (possibly incorrect) understanding is that I could, for example, highlight a phrase in a Word document and mark that as a requirement, then create bi-directional links between that phrase and other artifacts, such as tasks in a bug-tracking system or entries in the changelog and user guide, to show that the requirement has been satisfied.

Unfortunately, if I want to use DOORS, I would probably have to install and maintain it myself. I found an open-source product for requirements management called rmtoo, but it looks like it would require me to rewrite all the documents document into a bunch of specially-formatted text...

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Everyone is lesser than somebody else, in some way. It sounds like you have a lot of feelings that you 'should be better' in some areas. Perhaps someone has placed this idea in your head. Maybe this message was useful at the time, either it seved that person a purpose or they thought it would make you try harder or change in a way that they wanted. Is it a useful message now? If it is not a useful message, then let it go. Would you send this message constantly to another person and tell them they are LESSER LESSER LESSER LESSER! How unfair would that be, you would not be so blind and unkind.
I think ,instead , you can find someone to help. Everyone is lesser than somebody else at some time. Less strong, less patient, less able, less affluent, less knowing, less happy. Go find those people. Carry the rubbish bin, feed a stomach, give a coin, make a phone call, compliment a look and praise a service, because underneath the public mask there is a person who is likely to be...

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Everyone knows that potholes jolt passengers, loosen hubcaps and cause accidents. What most people don't know are the costs to drivers for extra fuel and accelerated wear on their vehicles. Nor do they realize the huge costs of accelerated pavement damage caused by potholes. There are many causes of potholes: insufficient pavement depth, age hardened pavement, unsealed cracks, poor drainage, poor bonding between pavement layers and unstable bases. Most potholes form in late winter or early spring as the base beneath the pavement becomes saturated and destabilized. One of the most preventable causes of potholes is from utility cuts performed without proper patching.

At Colas Solutions™, we believe the best option is to prevent potholes from ever developing. Prevention methods include:

quality design and construction materials applied at recommended thicknesses timely pavement preservation treatments for aging pavements sealing the pavement against moisture intrusion...
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Get the right tool for each job.

Often, a pair of pliers, a screwdriver, and an adjustable wrench are all you'll need, but to replace the washers in a bathroom faucet or to tune up the lawn mower, you will find the right tool for the job makes it much simpler and easier.

If you are just starting out, you may want to acquire tools slowly, as you need them. You'll spread out the expense and keep the clutter under control if you do.


Set up a place to store your tools and spare material.

A workshop is ideal, but even a good sized shelf in a utility closet will do. You will also need a work surface, such as a




, on which to perform repairs.


Buy a good computer program or guidebook on basic home repair.

The scope of the material should depend on your willingness to tackle various jobs and the kinds of jobs you wish to perform first. Start with a general guide. Then, as you need them, look up or purchase...

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Hello, my name is Hunter and I am 15 years old. I have been working on computer's for all my life. I have fixed multiple computers, and there is no computer that I haven't fixed!
If you need to speed up your computer,make space,or even make it work faster, you should call me. I work from home and you pay me what ever you think my work worth.

If you need my help just notice you will have to download a small file to let me into your computer. Don't worry, I'll tell you how to delete it after I am done. If you don't feel comfortable doing that, that is fine with me. I could just tell you what to do.

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Greetings, fellow Houstonians!

I understand the frustration and have heard the calls from Houstonians for something to be done about our streets. My pothole repair initiative is the first step in gaining your trust on this issue. The goal is to assess and repair potholes reported to the 311 Help and Information Line by the next business day. As part of this effort, we have streamlined operations and put in place improved customer response protocols. I know this is a short-term fix, but it is a step that we need to take to get us to the long-term solution for our streets. I know our hardworking City street crews are up to the challenge.

This website has been created to provide information about what is and what is not a pothole as well as access to real-time graphs and charts about our progress.

If you haven’t done so already, please download the 311 app from iTunes or Google. It’s the fastest way to report potholes and other street conditions. You may...

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There's nothing worse than losing your phone—except losing your phone when the ringer is silent. If you're alone, it can be excruciatingly hard to find your lost device even if the ringer is on, considering most of us don't have landlines anymore. So, the next time you find yourself hunting for your phone, don't tear your house apart until you've tried some of these quick tips.

I Can't Find My Phone

Don't have a phone to call your missing phone from? You can use a site like I Can't Find My Phone to ring it for you. All you have to do is type in your number and hit "Hello?".

Google Voice

Don't trust sites like the one above? You can also use the Google Voice call feature. If you have an account, enter any phone number and Google Voice will call your phone first before calling the number you entered. As Lifehacker pointed out, it will still call the other number if you don't find your phone and answer before voicemail takes over, so be sure to choose...

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Halsey shows the listeners her point-of-view on falling in love with someone, despite them being in a relationship and being their second choice. When she’s around them, she tries to pretend as if she is the one they’re really in love with.

In her commentary for the EP with Spotify, Halsey said it was one of her favorite songs, and went deeper into how the song is a prologue to the project:

“Is There Somewhere” is like a prologue to the EP ‘cause [it’s] called Room 93, and it basically just touches on like the human intimacy of hotel rooms and how it’s like an alternate universe. It kinda tells the story of a couple in a hotel room, experiencing like a tender moment together and the most notable line is “is there somewhere you can meet me?” because it’s like a frequently exchanged text message between myself and the person this song’s about, and it usually ending up being an hotel...

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If you're worried about having your phone spied on, you're not alone! Millions of people have voiced their concerns regarding privacy over the past few years. It's scary to think that people can spy on your phone without you being aware of it, but luckily, there are many ways to find out if your phone has been hacked. Read this article to learn some things you can do to make sure your phone is not being tracked.


1 Quickly Check if Your Phone is Being Spied On 2 Do In-Depth Checks to See if Your Phone is Being Spied On 3 Questions and Answers 3.1 Is spying possible on c1-01 mobile? 3.2 How can I tell if someone is spying on my WiFi? 3.3 Can someone spy on your text or phone calls without having access to your phone? 3.4 I am sure I'm being spied on, yet can't prove it, can you help? 3.5 How can I know or catch the person spying on my BlackBerry 9320 phone? 3.6 Hi my big brother is a big issue; I think he is spying on my phone? 3.7 Is there any software that I...
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Have you tried everything that you could think of to get your phone to work properly and nothing has worked? Here are some tips that you might find useful.

First of all, if there is no physical or liquid damage on your phone, make sure that you have tried to perform a reset on the mobile phone. There are many types of resets; the one that you need to perform is a Factory Data Reset (also known as a master reset or a master clear on basic phones, or a factory clear, etc). You need to perform the reset that wipes everything from the phone deleting all of the information as well as putting it back to its factory default settings. It doesn’t sound pleasant in the least but that fixes most phone issues permanently. If you have an android phone and have not yet done this then read This Step-By-Step Guide Will Fix Most Android Smart Phone Issues. If you have not yet performed a factory data reset because your phone won’t let you then try an article about How to perform an alternate...

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Making little conversations,

После недолгих разговоров,

So long I've been waiting,

После длительного времени ожидания,

To let go of myself and feel alive

Я наконец-то смог перебороть себя и почувствовать себя живым.

So many nights I thought it over,

Я слишком много ночей думал об этом,

Told myself I kind of liked to,

Убеждал себя в том, что удовлетворен,

But there was something missing in your eyes

Но в твоих глазах чего-то не хватало.

I was stumbling, looking in the dark,

Я терялся в темноте

With an empty heart,

С ощущением пустоты в своём сердце,

But you said, do you feel the same?

Но ты сказала, что чувствуешь то же самое?

Could we ever be enough?

Будем ли мы когда-нибудь довольны?

Baby, we could be enough.

Детка, мы могли бы быть удовлетворены.



And it's...

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Does your mouse cursor move without your consent? DVD tray spontaneously open? Have you noticed aberrant behavior such as slow performance and obscure error messages that don’t resemble anything you’ve ever seen before?

If so, it’s possible that you have a Remote Access Trojan (RAT) living on your computer that is clandestinely providing remote access to a hacker.

RATs aren’t just for squalid homes and subway tracks anymore; in fact, they have recently reared their ugly heads in the news. Blackshades is a notorious RAT but there are many others.

Most RATs provide a veritable buffet of tools for voracious hackers to snoop around your system. For example, it’s not uncommon for RATs to come replete with:

Keyloggers Webcam Hijackers Registry Modifiers Password Stealers

In my experience, downloading pirated software from peer-to-peer file sharing applications such as Bittorrent or from underground software distribution forums is the the most common way to get...

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1. There's someone at the door.
2. There is something in this box.
3. Is there anyone there? - No, there isn't anyone there.
4. Is there anything in the box? - No, there isn't anything in the box.
5. There isn't anyone here.
6. There isn't anything in the fridge.
7. Someone is at the door.
8. No-one likes the cake.
9. Would you like something to drink? or Would you like anything to drink?
10. There is someone here. or there is somebody here.
11. There isn't anything here. or there is nothing here.
12. Is there anyone here? or Is there anybody here?
13. There is no one here. or There isn't anyone here.
14. I think someone lives in that old house, but I don't know who.
15. I'm going to the supermarket? Do you want anything?
16. There isn't anything in the house to eat.
17. No one went to school yesterday. It was Sunday.
18. Is there anything you'd like for your birthday?...

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