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Disconnecting Switch Generator Neutral Grounding Equipment Specifying the ratings for a disconnecting switch for neutral grounding equipment. I am installing a disconnect switch between the wye connection of a synchronous generator and neutral ground
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I'm replacing an old/aged receptacle. Incoming hot wired to hot on receptacle. Neutral had been previously connected but snipped off and wire is loose in box (copper end more or less insulated)
He said that I didn't need to purchase a grounding bar because with the panel I purchased (GE Contractors kit with a main breaker already installed) that I could simply remove the bracket that connects the two neutral bars and ground one with the gre
Assuming the Fixtures are all on a 15AMP Circuit and using 14/2 wire. The Complexity would depend on how the Switch was wired. Power to the Switch, Switch Leg to the Fixture, or Power to the Fixture and Switch leg down and back