New remote-controlled ceiling fan doesn't respond to wall switch


I replaced a ceiling fan in my bedroom that no longer worked. I didn't pay attention to the wiring when removing the old fan but diligently followed the instructions. The new fan has a light kit and remote kit and it all works perfectly except they are no longer controlled by the light switch.

There is a double switch in the bedroom. The right switch controls a lamp next to the bed. The left switch previously controlled the ceiling fan light (the fan itself never worked when I bought the home). I can turn everything off with the remote but want to be able to walk into the room and turn on the ceiling fan and/or light with the wall switch like I used to.

I think I may have missed a wire. There is a red, black, white, and green all coming out of the ceiling box but after following the directions I didn't connect the red wire to anything so I capped it off. Should this have been connected with the black wire to the ceiling fan black...

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Change the battery. This is the first step when troubleshooting a ceiling fan remote. The easiest fix to any remote control problem begins with battery replacement. A 9-volt battery is needed to operate all Hampton Bay ceiling fan remotes.

Check the light switch used for the ceiling fan. The light switch found on the wall must be in the "on" position. This allows the ceiling fan to be operated by remote control

Re-program your remote. If battery replacement fails to get your remote working again, try to reprogram the remote. Open the battery cover you will see 4 dip switches. These switches must be set to the same position as the receiver on the fan. Use the screw driver to move the dip switches either up or down.

Follow the previous step to change the frequency if the ceiling fan is randomly turning on or off. Other electronic devices such as garage door openers can interfere with the ceiling fans receiver, causing it to randomly turn on or...

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I have a remote controlled ceiling fan direct wired with no wall switch.

I would like a wall switch and a remote. I bought a Harbor Breeze wall switch and remote combo pack. The wall switch has the dip switches that make me think it is a remote too. But, that wall switch also has two black wires and a green wire coming out the back.

I currently have a wall switch that operates an outlet in the room. I want to make that outlet always on and use that gang box to put this fan wall switch into.

The ceiling fan wiring is NOT in that gang box.

Can I wire the AC into the fan/remote wall switch even though it is not the AC wires to the fan itself? It seems to me that the wall switch needs AC for two reasons:
1. The wall remote has no other power source
2. The wall remote has a on/off shut off for the fan

SO- if I hook up to this AC that is not hooked up to the fan, I will not have the ability at the wall to cut AC power to the...

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Does a red wire originate from the receptacle? I assume that you spliced into the hot wire from a receptacle, so did you connect a red wire from the receptacle to feed the fan switch?

And you have 1 red wire going to the ceiling fan box that is not being used, correct? If so, then the other end of that red wire in the switch box will not be used as well. You can just insert a wire nut on them.

To power the remote module, you need 1 black wire from the top of the switch connected to the black wire on the remote where there are 2 wires. The white wire coming out of the ceiling box gets spliced to the white wire on the remote module where there are 2 wires. If you have a bare copper ground wire, connect it to any other bare copper or green wires.

In addition, there will be DIP switches located on the remote module in the canopy of the ceiling fan). The DIP switches must match the DIP switch setting on the remote transmitter. I recommend to change the code from the...

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A luxurious feature offered on many modern ceiling fans is the wireless remote control. This feature offers full operation of the fan (and any light attachment) from any location within a reasonable distance. This can be especially useful in bedrooms, home theatres, and any other location it is beneficial to adjust the fan and lights without having to get up and operate a wall switch or pullcord.

Unfortunately, remote controls also account for a fair number of problems with ceiling fans. Worse, solutions to these problems are usually not easily accessible.

First, here is a list of answers to the most commonly asked questions about ceiling fan remote problems:

1. Change the battery

2. Contact the manufacturer

3. I don't know, what?

4. Try a universal remote

Now, in a little more depth, are some common solutions to remote problems.

1. Adjusting the dip switches:

Each fan/remote combination is set to work on a...

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Need a ceiling fan remote control? Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacements. If you have lost or broke your ceiling fan remote control there are many different replacements available. Whether you have a Hunter Ceiling Fan, Hampton Bay Ceiling Fan or Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fan, you can find remote control replacements that will work with your fan. If your remote control for your ceiling fan has stopped working, you may have bad batteries or it may be because the dip switches under the battery panel are not in the correct position. In some cases, depending on your ceiling fan, you can use your smartphone with the correct APP to control your ceiling fan. We will explain everything below…

Ceiling Fan Remote Control Replacements And Programming
Hunter Ceiling Fans – Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans – Harbor Breeze Ceiling Fans

If your ceiling fan remote control does not work, try changing out the batteries. If you lost your ceiling fan remote or it is broken you will need to...

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Almost all new ceiling fans today are equipped with a remote control, especially higher priced ceiling fans. The receiver part of the remote is nestled inside the fan body itself, while the control mounts either on the wall or into the wall as a switch.

If you've been thinking about replacing your existing ceiling fans, I've made plenty of DIY mistakes to share with you during my two installs. But it is relatively easy to do this project yourself.

If you can change out a receptacle, you can install a ceiling fan.

Before You Buy a Ceiling Fan

Don't run out to buy the first cute ceiling fan you see. Stop to consider these specifications:

First determine your ceiling height.
Ceilings heights below 9 feet might require a fan that hugs the ceiling, known as a flush mount, so you don't get your head chopped off when walking under spinning blades. Find out the distance between the ceiling and the bottom of the fan, referred to as the hanging depth....
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Created by German inventor Phillip Diehl, electronically-controlled ceiling fans arrived in 1882. While ceiling fan styles and features have changed significantly in the past 130 years, their primary operation has remained the same until now, with the introduction of smart home technology.

In this article, we take a look at the hottest smart ceiling fan solutions currently available on the market and the technology behind them.

The Different Types of Ceiling Fans

A ceiling fan has one purpose: to circulate air. In the warmer months, ceiling fans should rotate counterclockwise to push cold air down to the floor. During the colder months, ceiling fans should rotate clockwise to pull cool air up.

Pull-chain/pull-cord control ceiling fans usually have three speeds. As the name suggests, these fans include a tethered metal-bean chain or cloth cord.

In the 1970s and 1980, variable-speed control fans gained in...

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ceiling fan remote controls | My Home

Kichler White Handheld/Wall-Mount Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

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Save. Ceiling fan remote control …

Ceiling Fan Remote Control


Six Speed 2-in-1 LED Remote Control

Harbor Breeze Off-White Handheld Universal Ceiling Fan Remote Control

Universal Ceiling Fan In-Wall Remote Kit – Includes Wall Switch and Receiver


Ceiling Fan Light Remote Control Warisan Lighting

Cfan And Light Remote Control Rc-103w

Honeywell Combo Wall and Handheld Control Ceiling Fan Remote, Model...

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The ceiling fan in [Steve Vigneau’s] bedroom started giving him trouble. It is normally operated using a remote control but that functionality had become pretty spotty. He cleaned the contacts on the remote but still had troubles that could only be fixed by power-cycling the fan itself. When it finally died he set out to repair the unit himself. Above you can see the controller board from the fan. It was a bit too complicated for [Steve] to troubleshoot so he figured why not just stop using the remote control and make it work with a couple of switches? A bit of research led him to some basic fan schematics that he used for a reference. He need to remove a couple of capacitors and wire them up with one switch for the fan and another for the light. Sure, there’s no settings for speed or direction, but [Steve] thinks he doesn’t need to change them and always has the option to add them in the...

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EnragedSephiroth: Pairing is fubar

jimmy Page: So effing confusing you have made me even more confused thanks

Debra Kane: Hi there, thank you for your videos. I am hoping there is a way I can install a ceiling fan in my ceiling that has no drywall. My ceiling is only painted beams with a flattop roof so I have no crawlspace. I’m hoping there is a way to run the wiring on the outside of my wall somehow? I would greatly appreciate your advice, thank you advance.

Michael Henderson: I have tried this to no avail. It is as though there is no power. I have a standing torch light nearby plugged into a recepticle and there is a black wire in the ceiling that, when it is touched, that light goes out, so that is wired in there for some reason. I know that the fan used to work off of another remote and a wall switch, which I assume is the only other black wire in there. But connecting to it gives no response at all. How can I check to see if that black wire has any power going to...

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Last week, I posted an article about successfully rewiring my remote control ceiling fan to bypass the remote and work off of the wall switch. I had a couple questions, and judging by the lack of help I was able to find online, I thought I would put the information out there.

*I am not a certified electrician. The instructions and method described below worked for me in my situation. I take no responsibility if you destroy your own ceiling fan, get a shock, blow a fuse, or cause other damage. Modify electronic devices at your own risk (and at risk of voiding the warranty)

The majority of this came from a forum on

The important information is here:

However, if you purchased an Altura Oil Rubbed Bronze fan (from the Home Decorators Collection) at Home Depot. Same guts, same wiring, but the colors in your harness don’t match up. (link...

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How to connect ceiling fan remote control will be our important discussion here to be the crucial information you should get especially if you want to have ceiling fan with remote control. No need to buy a new fan ceiling to enjoy the convenience of remote control operate. You can convert any fan ceiling adding a receiver in the wiring. Whether your fan is installed at the end of a pipe or tack to the ceiling, any style of fan can be modified to be operated by remote control from the sofa or bed.

Indoor Brushed Nickel Ceiling Fan Remote

Identify the two types of wires in ceiling fan remote control receiver.

The first (a black and white cable) should be joined to the power cord is inside the junction box fan. The rest of the cable is a black wire, an additional cable labeled as light wire and a white wire that connects to the fan ceiling. Turn on the fan at high speed ceiling. Turn on the light.

Ceiling fan remote control, unscrew the hood fan. Usually...

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Hampton Bay Ceiling Fans are a house brand of a major retailer. If you are looking to purchase a Hampton Bay fan, that is often the best place to find these particular fans.

If you are having trouble with a Hampton Bay fan, there are a few different things you can do. First of all, you can use our contact page to get in touch with us. We will post your question on our website and attempt to answer it as best we can, or point you in the direction where you may be able to find help.

Also there is a community repair online forum which you can find by Google searching. The Home Depot forums are a great place to get help because you can post your question, and someone will attempt to get back in touch with you.

In any case, the best thing to do when you have a problem with your fan is to first locate the make & model, if you don’t know what kind of fan it is. Check the box that came with the fan, check the manual, and if all else fails, you’ll have to take the fan...

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