North Carolina Code question for splicing 6x6 posts


I have a 48 X 10 second floor deck with 6X6 posts. I want to add a roof above about half of it. It is not feasible to replace the 6X6's with longer ones as I would basically end up replacing the deck, and it just wouldn't be a safe process.

I am also not sure about the minimum/maximum distance from deck boards that this should be done. Obviously the lower the better for looks purposes.

Does anyone know if this is defined in North Carolina code? I have checked around and it seems like the acceptable method is a 24" rabbet sandwiched between galvanized plates, through bolted.

Anyone else have any knowledge of this as it relates to North Carolina code, or am I getting an...

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The old timers that built timber frame structures did this all the time with a 1/2 lap scarf joint and some pegged the joint together with a dowel for good measure.
Here's an excerpt from a pretty reliable source, Tommy Silva, I'd say if it's good 'nuff for him...... I looked for a pic to tag along but seemingly found none in a quick look round the 'net. But the joint looks about like a childs rendering of a lightning bolt as to the zig zag shape.

"About half the posts in here were five inches too short," says TOH's general contractor as he sets the saw aside. "They looked fine until we replaced the structure that would support the floor and started to lower jacks holding up the barn. That's when we noticed the problem." The old barn floor had been built on two levels — no one is sure exactly why. But years of accumulated debris and patchwork repairs had hidden the step-down. To lengthen the posts, which will be visible once the barn is finished, Tom splices in additional...

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I'm trying to use the Percona Apache Monitoring [Cacti] Template for Memcached.

They do indeed warn that you can't use the openbsd version of the package and provide a solution for Ubuntu/Debian users, i.e.:

You need nc on the server. Some versions of nc accept different command-line options. You can change the options used by configuring the PHP script. If you don’t want to do this for some reason, then you can install a version of nc that conforms to the expectations coded in the script’s default configuration instead. On Debian/Ubuntu, netcat-openbsd does not work, so you need the netcat-traditional package, and you need to switch to /bin/nc.traditional...

Since the RHEL 6.x version indeed comes from openbsd (confirmed by rpm -qi nc) how does one go about getting this installed on RHEL/CentOS?

Anyone else running these Percona templates on RHEL/CentOS? What did you do? alien the Debian package?

Update 1: FWIW, I tried to use GNU netcat...

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How Many Questions Are on the Test?

The learner’s permit test consists of 25 multiple choice questions.

How Many Questions Do You Have to Get Right?

To receive a passing grade on the examination you must correctly answer twenty out of twenty-five questions.

What Do You Need to Apply for Your Learner’s Permit?

In order to apply for your permit, the State of North Carolina requires that you provide the following documents:

Proof of identity Social Security card Proof of residence Proof of citizenship or legal presence Proof of completion of driver’s ed (Driving Eligibility Certificate) Necessary fees ($15 for a Level 1 limited learner’s permit, as of this writing) A parent or guardian’s signature

What Happens if you Fail the Test?

When you submit your application for your permit, you have ninety days or three attempts to successfully complete the written test. If you fail the test within ninety days you are allowed to retake it two more...
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Once you get behind on your home mortgage, one of the first fears that you may have is losing your home through foreclosure. It is important to understand how the foreclosure process works, what to expect if you get a Notice of Foreclosure, and why Chapter 13 bankruptcy can stop the foreclosure process and offer a way to keep your home.

First, realize that the foreclosure process does take some time. Even though it may seem as though once the process starts, there is no way to reverse it (and sometimes that is the case) there are ways to work with your lender, fight against a home foreclosure, and take steps to save your home.

In North Carolina there is a legal process that a lender has to follow.

A lender can’t simply show up one day and take your home. There is a legal process that they must follow, and facing foreclosure is less unnerving when you know exactly what you can expect. Understanding the process lets you know what your time frame is so that you...

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