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Odors coming from drains are a common problem in many homes. Some people only have the problem when they run water in a sink or a bathtub.

Bioflim is the Source

The source of the odor in almost all of these instances is a buildup of biofilm on the sides of the pipes that connect the sink or fixture to the actual P-shaped trap under the fixture. This vertical tailpiece pipe can accumulate a seething bacteria-filled organic layer of slime over time.

When water rushes past the slime, it can dislodge some of the molecules into the air and they waft up out of the sink and into your nose. To eliminate biofilm as the source of the odor, take the chrome or brass strainer cover off the shower drain so you can see into the drain pipe.

Use Stain Solver oxygen bleach solution and a larger diameter to thoroughly clean the underside of the strainer, the bowl-shaped drain assembly under the strainer as well as the sides of the vertical...

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Shower Drain Odor: Help! There’s a moldy smell and I can’t find where it is!

When you’ve cleaned everything and an odor still persists it can drive you crazy. A similar situation occurs in commercial buildings when there is a bad odor coming from a restroom but everything is spotlessly clean. It is especially bad when the restroom has not been used overnight. In fact, you might be dealing with shower drain odor.

The cause?

Water in the floor drain has evaporated and sewer gases are coming into the restroom uninhibited. Talk about a bad smell! The solution is for cleaning personnel to keep an eye on the water in the floor drains and periodically add water.

How about your home? You probably don’t have a floor drain in your restroom to protect against overflows onto the floor, but there is a floor drain in your shower. Water evaporating from the drain shouldn’t be a problem if you use it regularly, but there may be another issue…

Recently I had a...

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Hey Its Craig the Odor Dude here.

If you step into your shower and you get a sulfur smell coming out of the drain, it usually means that trapped Anaerobic bacteria is producing the sulfur odor somewhere down deep, and it will keep getting worse unless you take some simple steps to neutralize it. Anaerobic bacteria thrive in areas where little amounts of oxygen is present (i.e deep in drains) so what you need to do is kill the bacteria, using a simple odor neutralizer which will remove the smell instantly and clear any material that is causing the odor.

Caustic chemicals are harmful to the Environment so we recommend this product which is plant based and highly effective.


Now, as to what is causing the bacteria to occur is a separate issue and can be related to many issues. It may be that something is trapped there such as hair, so if your drain is not working correctly then please call a...

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The bad odor emanating from a shower commonly comes from problems inside the pipes; however, this is not always the case. To effectively get rid of the bad odors coming from the shower drain, you must first determine the source of the odor.

Odor of pipes and fixtures

When trying to locate the source of the foul odor of a shower drain, begin with the drain and plumbing. Due to humidity and heat, shower pipes are prone to mold formation, which often appears in visible areas of the shower, such as in the shower head and the plug. Shower tubes are prone to a slime that is formed from the organic matter present in the shower, which is commonly present in the drainage area.

Drain Cleaning and Tube Top

Getting rid of a bad smell from the shower drain is a fairly simple process, although it can be a hand -intensive depending on where the pipes are that the smell is coming from. Begin cleaning the pipes by removing the drain plug and cleaning the plug with a soap...

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Odor From Bathtub Drain – Home Improvements Information Resource

Related Search Terms: what to do if sink drain smells bad, how to fix sink drain odor, sink drain smells bad, bathtub drain smells bad, odor from drain, odor from Read all 17 responses: "There is a nasty, sewer-like smell coming from the bathtub drain. It does get clogged occasionally, as my hair sheds terribly. I have used Expert: Dave Coil – 1/7/2007. Question The drain in our tub/shower smells of mildew. We thought it was just a dirty or slow drain that had something growing in it, so

Stinking toilet water, tub drain, or shower – DoItYourself.com

Answer The foul odour you describe is sulfur dioxide that is given off by sewer gas. If a fixture drain is not used for some time the P-trap may dry out. Some P-traps simple test before you go on the roof to check the vents or things like that: Next time you smell the odor- pour 1 liter of water slowly...

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When your shower smells, is not only, unpleasant but also something indeed, to worry about. There are several reasons for a smelly drain such as mildew growth, built-up dirt and even body oils or urine that are washed down through the drain. However, the most frequent cause is that your shower drain is not correctly, vented and its p-trap is generally siphoned dry. This allows the sewer gas (methane gas) to come back up through the drain and enter into your home.

Bathroom Shower Drain

Whatever the cause, using your shower becomes an unpleasant experience for you. You are taking your shower in an enclosed area where strong, unpleasant odors are present making your bathroom an uncomfortable and unsanitary area.

The only solution is to clean thoroughly the shower drain in such a manner that disinfects and deodorizes in the same time.

All fixtures and plumbing of a sewer system are conceived to prevent methane gas to come back through the drain. Generally,...

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A house member had some health issues the past few months and, for a while, another house member was pouring buckets of urine down the shower. It developed something of a smell which we tried to extirpate with bleach and vinegar.

However, there's still a lingering odor, and, through the grating, I can see what looks like a loose seal of some sort.

Pulling off the grate, it looks like this:

I'm worried that some kind of seal is broken and is either (a) letting gases up from the sewer or (b) the smells of waste that snuck into the cavity below the shower.

Any thoughts on what may have happened and how to fix this?

Answers 2

Here is what i did to remove the odor from my drain. 1)Use a screwdriver to remove the trap. 2) Put 1/4 cup of baking soda down the drain. 3)Follow it with one cup of white vinegar into the drain. 4)Let that sit for 1-2 hours with the...

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My recent episode 14 Places Where Dirt Hides in Your Home gives cleaning tips for the unseen places dirt and germs can lurk.

However, I left one extremely hidden spot off that list. And it's the grandaddy of them all – your shower drain. If you’ve got a shower stall that’s separate from the tub, this problem is inevitable. You can have the cleanest shower floor in town, but if you’re not cleaning the drain, you will eventually have a very stinky shower stall.

I recently had to deal with this issue in my own home. At first, I would detect a smell about halfway through my shower. I thought it was the dog passing gas (ha!) but after the smell kept reoccurring day after day during my shower time, I realized there was a bigger problem. Initially, I assumed we needed to call a plumber since we had sewer gas entering our home. After a little research, I realized it was a much easier (albeit grosser) issue that I could handle myself.

Here’s how to clean your...

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