Off grid home power shutting off


I just had some major Thanksgiving ‘found family’ feels this year, and what better way to express them than writing about my favorite family! Just some holiday fluff that I hope you guys enjoy!

Lexi and Astraid are like 13/14 in this one!

“Where’s our daughter?”

Kara’s voice by her ear startles her, and she nearly drops the fork she’s holding.

“Ummm, somewhere with Winn and Alex. The basement maybe?” Lena answers, smacking Kara’s hand away from the cornbread dressing she’s working on.

“Is that smart? The last time Lexi and Winn were together they spliced off the power grid and it took you an hour to get power back to the house.” Kara stops her pursuit of the food and settles her arms around Lena’s waist.

“Mmm, Alex is with them, so they shouldn’t get into too much trouble. I put them in charge of the mashed potatoes and they disappeared giggling - so don’t get your hopes up for edible mashed...

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So, you are sitting in your climate controlled home, with lights, refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners, heaters, fans, TVs, computers, home theater systems, running water, sanitary systems and all the other things that go along with modern life. Now, go into your garage, or whatever room where your power panel resides and shut off the main switch. Now walk through your home, look around at all the electronic appliances and gadgets that are now nothing more than lumps of worthless metal and electronics. Now imagine how you would live if none of these things came back on? What if this was not just your home but your neighborhood? City? Country? World? Sounds drastic doesn’t it? Could you live, could you survive without all of these electronics being powered from the grid?

A little example that happened to me. True story, about 4 months before we went off grid, we were still living in the city, it was August in north central Texas, so the heat and humidity meant you have...

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(NaturalNews) A lot of people believe they are becoming "power independent" by installing grid-tie solar systems, but what many don't realize is that virtually all such systems are designed to actively go offline when the power grid goes offline.

A "grid-tie" solar system is one that ties into the power grid, pulling electricity from the grid when needed, then pushing excess electricity back into the grid when the local customer isn't using the full capacity being generated by PV panels (photovoltaic). As long as the grid stays up, it's a clever solution because it reduces or even eliminates the customer's electric bills while generating "clean" energy.

Because of the very fact that these systems are tied into the power grid, however, they all have a safety feature that disconnects them from the grid when the grid goes down. In other words, if the power grid goes offline, your entire grid-tie solar array becomes instantly useless and you can't power a laptop computer...

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When I first contemplated getting solar electricity, I imagined my life in three, simple, cartoon frames: solar panels in the first, an electric cord in the second, and a bright lightbulb at night in the third.

In any case, my mind wasn’t really on solar. It was dreaming of a front loading washer with king-size-comforter capacity brightening loads of linens, and outside in my yard, a chipper making mulch.

Then my electricity, heat and phone were shut off. I had thought the bill would be $189, but it was $298. I had over $200 in the bank but that wasn’t enough. I asked for two days to transfer in the rest. At the time I had the lovely reality of money to transfer.

The young fellow who had power over my power, said no. It had to be all of it, then and there. With that, he shut off my power. They shut off my heat and lights with no warning ~ Read more.

That night when the outside temperature dropped into the 20s, I was shivering cold, my teeth literally...

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I’ve got the power

Though technically it’s on loan from the sun.

My wife and I used to live in a small cabin on a farm at the edge of the woods a little more than a quarter of a mile from the road. We had a dedicated power line running from the street to the house and lots of trees along the road and driveway.

More than once while we were living there, large trees came down and knocked out our power. When this happened along the main road it usually didn’t take that long for a crew to come out and fix it. But when the power was knocked out by a tree in the driveway after a particularly large storm, it was 9 days before we had power again.

As someone who works from home and depends on reliable internet and electricity to earn a living the idea of 9 days mandatory vacation didn’t interest me too much. Fortunately the tin foil hat I have a tendency to wear around paid off, because we were able to power our home for the entire 9 days thanks to the small...

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Headline: Bitcoin & Blockchain Searches Exceed Trump! Blockchain Stocks Are Next!

Preparation for disaster can be a difficult exercise. Frequently, we think we have it all worked out if we are going to be off grid. The right food stored, plenty of water and water treatment supplies, light, heat, and so on. But how many of us have really put it to the test? How many of us have actually relied on that little gadget to do what we think it will? Eaten our storage food? Used our communication setup?

A great bunch of off grid preparedness folks I know have started a yearly tradition known as the Grid Down Weekend.

At an appointed time (usually 5:00pm on a Friday night), we all go to the breaker panel in our homes and shut off the main circuit breaker. It will stay off for 48 hours, and we live on and test out our disaster preparations for life off grid. We have held the Grid Down Weekend in the winter, and here in Wisconsin, cold weather both solves and...

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Aug. 28, 2013

Power grid vulnerabilities are finally garnering some attention by government officials.

An electrical grid joint drill simulation is being planned in the United States, Canada and Mexico. Thousands of utility workers, FBI agents, anti-terrorism experts, governmental agencies, and more than 150 private businesses are involved in the November power grid drill.

The downed power grid simulation will reportedly focus on both physical and cyber attacks. The antiquated electrical system in the United States has been one of the most neglected pieces of integral infrastructure.

The EMP Commission, created by Congress, released a report in 2008 calling for increased planning and testing, and a stockpiling of needed repair items.

The SHIELD Act, which is stalled in Congress, is the first serious piece of legislation in many years to attempt to address the vulnerabilities of the power grid in. As previously reported by Off The Grid...

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A new variant of the WannaCry ransomware that may have originated in North Korea was attacking banks and other vital infrastructure around the world Tuesday – and it has yet to stop.

The cyber weapon had hit Russia, the Ukraine, the United Kingdom and the United States and was demanding payment in bitcoin before the virus could be removed. In the Ukraine, it knocked out ATMs and supermarket cash registers, in addition to computers at banks, the Kiev airport, and the power grid.

It also had impacted Russian banks, and in the U.S., the pharmaceutical company Merck.

“We are urgently responding to reports of another major ransomware attack on businesses in Europe,” Rob Wainwright, executive director of Europol, wrote on Twitter. Europol is the European Union’s law enforcement agency.

Discover How To Become Invisible In Today’s Surveillance State!

Other targets included the world’s largest advertising agency, WPP;...

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##1 Off Grid Laws - (UPDATE 2017) Mountain House Food Storage

Off Grid LawsOff Grid Laws You must leech acorns before taking advantage of! To leech chop them into quarters and hang into already boiling water for 5 minutes. Pour the water off and repeat this process 5-6 times. Procedure removes the tannic acid and makes the whole acorns edible. Off Grid Laws Wondering about freeze dried food? Freeze dry foods are used by many people for their emergency food storage. Theyve also been used by campers, hikers, hunters and also outdoor adventurists. Off Grid Laws An additional component that you might to help consider about regarding survival meals supplies would be powdered milk. This is actually a thing that readily available handy for anyone with children and infants in the personal. Not only can young children and babies employ this for survival meals, but adults can use the powdered milk to consume boxed cereals. As well as, boxes of powered milk is just affordable, so make sure...

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I think I scared about ten years off my life too.

Thank you for getting me off the hook.

When Alex lowered her to the ground, she jerked her hand free and marched off to the house.

If anything could take her mind off the worry of surrogacy, he could.

The dark interior set off caution bells again.

She turned off the light and pulled the covers up.

The net effect is positive, but the laid-off workers will probably have a hard time appreciating it.

It was almost as if he were shutting Felipa off before she could reveal something.

Her gaze drifted off in contemplation, finally returning to Carmen.

I'll send it off to find out.

Felipa left Carmen at the foot of the stairs, striding off without another word.

Carmen reached over and flipped off the light.

He nodded, his gaze drifting off in contemplation.

He tried to brush it off, but it remained there.

We were busy cutting out paper dolls;...

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