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Through the years, moto manufacturers have devised various ways of keeping valves properly adjusted. With each passing year, more and more bikes switch to a shim-under-bucket arrangement. How come? Let’s examine why poppet valves need adjustment, and
For a house that I'm in the process of buying, there is what I think is called a "catch basin" in the backyard (under a manhole-looking cover). It seems that the kitchen sink may be draining into this, which results in some food/etc items appearing i
The closeup looks like cement based backer board used to hold tile in wet/damp locations. If so, that is not original. It would be very hard to restore to lathe/plaster throughout, especially if sections are missing
For old-house owners, the main attraction is that the small (3" diameter), flexible ducts can be snaked through walls and on top of ceilings without the need to cut big chases or drop a ceiling. And unlike the large wall-, floor-, or ceiling-mounted
My risers are leaking ground water into the tanks every time it rains. It's pouring in gallons per minute through the gap between the existing risers and the tanks, the level increases 1" every 20 minutes. One of the companies I talked to said they w
Our bathroom has a very old gas heater. .
what is structured wiring Structured Wiring is a whole house wiring system for communications, entertainment, security and control that works with the systems already in the home, anticipates technological advances and lays the groundwork for future
I have stripped plaster from our dining room walls to reveal the brickwork in preparation for plasterboard and skimming. The room features one main exterior wall and an adjoining wall. Prior to removing the plaster, both had noticeable damp (though i
From my own experience, could be several causes (sometimes they exist even simultaneously): A. could be triggered by a food allergy - observe especially if your nasal mucous membrane becomes dry after ingesting certain foods. Possible foods triggerin