One half of my mobile home electrical won't work


Is this a desktop or laptop? Do you have your sound on a seperate card installed on the computer or is it attatched to the motherboard? usually if it is attatched to the motherboard the sound ports will be beside your monitor, keyboard, mouse port. make sure if the sound is a seperate card that it is pushed all the way into the slot into the motherboard. If it not fully seated this will also cause this problem.

you can do a manual scan for hardware changes in device manager by going to Computer-right click, select manage, then right click sound and select scan for hardware changes.

I am not sure but it could be your sound device driver. you may need to install the device driver for the sound card. This is a disk that come with the card or with the computer if the sound card was already an installed component. If you can't find the disk you can go to the Sound card manufacturers web site and look for the device driver and download it. After the download is...

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I am currently involved right now doing this to a 14 x 66 mobile home myself. Let me share my background with you first. I hold an unrestricted construction supervisor license, I have my HVAC universal license, I have my plumbing certificate along with my electrical certificate. I am going about doing my fully legal and recommend anyone doing building work to do the same to prevent problems down the road. The first step is to contact your local building dept. With all mobile homes, their jurisdiction falls under HUD which is handled at the state level. The building dept does not have complete jurisdiction involving mobile homes, the state and govt does. I had to get an engineer because theses type homes are engineered in a factory.
The first step is remove all your skirting so your engineer can look at the underside, your beam and pad supports, your tie downs and anything else underneath. If your underside is gone it is advisable to rethink what you...

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Yesterday when I went to use my microwave, I noticed that it wasn't working, after inspecting it I found that half of my outlet no longer works, I checked the breakers and nothing appears wrong there. I realize that sometimes outlets just fail so I figured that is what may have happened...but today when I got home from work I noticed that my phone in the kitchen also stopped working and that outlet as well is only half working....they are not near each other (opposite ends of the kitchen) Is this a coinsidence? Did they both fail at the same time randomly? Or could something else be wrong?

You need to be more specific when you say half the outlet doesn't work. That's not usual terminology that I'm aware of.

It is not unusual for more than one circuit to be carried through a wall box, or for one of those circuits to be switched, with the result that one outlet or set of outlets is activated by a wall switch. Had a customer wonder why the refrigerator in his ski lodge...

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I live in the mobile home which has fuse panel instead of a breaker box. A few days ago some of the outlets stop working and I checked the electronic items were still okay by plugging into other outlets and they still work as usual. Today now half of my electric outlets don't work however the things that was connected to them still works [I checked with the outlets that still works]. The mobile home gas heater/furnace also do not work any longer also.

I looked around my house to find any Resetting GFCI Outlet but their wasn't any.

So, now can someone please tell me how to fix this situation? My fuse panel looks like the pic below that I found online [except all 4 fuses are all orange and not blue]:

So, do I just replace all the orange fuses in the picture above or do I have to do something else also?

About my mobile home, it was just put in place about 2 years ago and was installed with new fuse [but I am not sure if that goes for all the...

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When an electrical outlet or a circuit doesn’t work, but the breaker is not tripped, the problem is likely with a neutral connection.

I have had many questions regarding this very situation over the years, and here are some examples of questions received recently.


I have a plug that went out. Did not kick breaker off. And now the hot and common leads are both putting out 120 volts? What went wrong?

Here is another question/query.



Could you explain the “Neutral” in a circuit as opposed to the ground ? I often wonder why the neutral has no voltage although a circuit is energised.

And finally, this is the question that prompted me to do a bit of an educational post explaining the role of the neutral conductor in a circuit.


As a sometime-electrical-do-it-yourselfer, you see those white neutral lines in your breaker box or behind your light switch boxes or outlets. They seem fairly,...

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Below are some of the most common electrical problems that happen in the wiring system of homes in the U.S. and Canada. After each of the electrical problems I give an explanation or a resource from this or another website. For other problems or a more complete treatment of these, browse my main Trade Secrets page.

Problems With Light Bulbs and Fixtures

Light bulbs are burning out at a high rate. There can be various reasons for this, depending especially on how widespread the problem is in your home and whether the bulbs you buy are ideal for your situation. See Light bulbs.

Some lights are flickering or blinking. This represents a Poor connection somewhere along the circuit. If the blink happens through much of the home, a Main wire connection could be the one having the trouble.

A recessed light (flush to the ceiling) goes off sometimes and later works again. This is probably its built-in safety "cutout" keeping the light from...

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Is this a singlewide, or doublewide mobile home?

Was the outlet you plugged into part of a GFCI circuit? (Kitchen and bathroom outlets are usually GFCI protected).

If this is a doublewide mobile home, then you'll have crossover electrical connections, from the back half, to the front half, and you could have a bad connection on one of those.

If you had plugged into a GFCI protected outlet, then you need to find the GFCI and reset it. Usually a bathroom will have a GFCI outlet, as well as one near the sink in the kitchen. Another outlet in the kitchen may be run FROM the GFCI outlet. If this happens to have been an outlet in the kitchen, then check the GFCI outlet near the sink, and see if the TEST/RESET button has been tripped. If so, you can simply unplug the computer, and reset the button.

I've handled a LOT of service calls on new home warranties, and when it comes to the electrical, it is usually related to the GFCI outlets, or the crossover connections,...

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