Open kitchen - but why [closed]


Proper ventilation (perhaps not common in Eastern Europe; at least in older buildings) deals with the "smoke, smells, and vapors" by capturing them and blowing them out of the house.

When many people had servants, including a cook, the kitchen was isolated from the living space more. With the decline of servants, a kitchen where the person cooking was not isolated from the rest of the household and/or guests became more popular.

In the opposite direction, many people normally congregated, socialized and ate in the kitchen in many older houses, while the "dining room" and "living room" were only used for formal occasions. As people began to question why they had two rooms they rarely used, some of them bashed out the walls and made one large room that served two or three different...

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For years the open-concept kitchen has been touted as the best kind. Something every house should have. Countless walls have been knocked down as a result, and it’s increasingly rare to find newer houses that don’t have kitchens open to some kind of adjoining family room. But lately I’ve been hearing from dissenters who would rather have theirs closed, thankyouverymuch…

I remember being kind of surprised when I listened to a podcast at The Skirted Roundtable a few years ago in which they debated the pros and cons of open-concept kitchens. In it, Joni of Cote de Texas said she wished her kitchen was closed off:

They used to design kitchens so the smell wouldn’t go through the house when you were cooking. Today it’s very en vogue to have kitchens open to the den so everyone can watch you cooking, but I don’t like that. I wish my kitchen was closed off. I hate it.

I had never heard anyone sound so passionate about closed kitchens before, so it got my attention. In...

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While an open kitchen gives you the convenience of getting to serve easily and spending time with your guests even while the meal is being prepared, a closed kitchen always gives that private space you sometimes need in your messy kitchen. Confused about which one will suit you best? Don’t know how either one will impact your way of living?

We discuss what you can expect from both types of kitchens – open and closed, before you buy a home. We hope you’ll arrive at a conclusion once you’ve read through these kitchen design tips!


What are they?

An open kitchen is one which is more integrated with the adjacent rooms in the house – usually the living room and the dining room. Such a kitchen is commonly ‘open’ from more than one side, meaning that it doesn’t have walls on more than one side.
The concept of the open kitchen started becoming popular in the 1990s, and is still a favoured choice of many.



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Lately we’ve noticed chatter on some of our favorite idea sites, including Pinterest and Houzz, debating whether it’s better to have a kitchen that’s walled off from the rest of the house, or one that opens up to adjacent family rooms and dining areas.

The debate is timely. For years, designers, architects, and homeowners have been touting the benefits of open floor plans.

But all that openness has been around for awhile, and for some folks the pendulum is now swinging back the other way.

Which is better? We’ve got the answer.

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Opening Arguments: The Open Kitchen

The idea of the open kitchen has been around since the 1990s and continues to be popular.

For example, in 2006 the American Institute of Architects (AIA) reported that “the integration of kitchens with informal living space (great rooms) remains a popular design.” The report added that more than half of design firms...

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The kitchen is the heart of the home. It’s important that the flow and layout works for you and your family. There’s no right, wrong, good or bad way to layout your kitchen but there are many pros and cons to open and closed layouts.

Open Concept Kitchens

Open kitchens are great for entertaining and inviting conversation while you’re cooking. Parents can cook dinner while helping the kids with homework. On the entertainment side, open concept kitchens create a great flow through the home when you have guests in and out of rooms in the house. When you’re serving food it’s also great for guests to be able to sit in multiple spots and essentially help themselves.

Fewer walls mean less storage space. Depending on how much storage space you have in your current kitchen, you may be jeopardizing some valuable cabinet space by knocking down the walls.

The kitchen is by far the most expensive room in the house to renovate. If you are going...

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I cook, and I prefer an open kitchen (which I have, and I created) in a smallish apartment -- it makes the living room look and feel much bigger, lets natural light into the kitchen, lets you communicate with your guests (who will otherwise come into your enclosed kitchen), and eliminates the confining feeling of being in a galley kitchen while preparing meals. I clean as I cook, so there's really very little unsightly mess to look at it while eating. I have good mechanical ventilation, so there's no smoke or grease. The shame in this city is that "ductless" vents are legal -- they're just noisemakers.

My guess is that most people who dislike open kitchens do not, in fact, really cook (i.e. they're in the kitchen for half an hour or more at a time).

Of course, it might be preferable to have a large, and large-windowed, enclosed kitchen if you live in a Classic Six or similar, but that's not generally what's being offered in post-war buildings, let alone new...

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The Case for a Closed Kitchen The kitchen is already the most expensive room in the house to remodel, and turning a closed kitchen into an open plan can ...


It’s a big debate in the kitchen design world: an open kitchen design or closed kitchen? HouseLogic examines the pros and cons of both when renovating ...


Open-plan kitchens may be all the rage, but one writer finds their flaws. They may boost property values, but a closed-off kitchen can save you some dough.


When dreaming up your brand new designer kitchen, does an open kitchen or closed kitchen come to mind? As kitchen experts, we know both have their benefits.


Do you prefer having an open kitchen or a closed...

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For centuries, the kitchen was considered as an unimportant workplace and was often isolated from the home, typically at the back of the building. People usually considered it as a room for bare essentials. However, over the past decade, the kitchen has become one of the most important places in the home. People these days have started considering kitchen as an active part of a family home. This is why we often find open concept kitchens which are located in the heart of home. Some people like their kitchens to be walled-off and private whereas others like them open and public. If we make an analysis of the pros and cons of open and closed kitchens individually, we will be able to figure out the type of kitchen that best fits our requirements.

Reference: Knowing About Different Kitchen Layouts and Choosing the Best One

The Open Kitchen

The idea of an open kitchen was first introduced in 1990s and over the time, it continued to become popular. If we have a look...

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Let me state up front that in the great debate on

open versus closed kitchens

, I am firmly on the open-plan team. I have helped dozens of design clients tear down walls and open up kitchens to adjoining spaces, and demo day always brings big smiles as the homeowners get their first glimpse of what the newly opened-up kitchen is going to look and feel like.

But after years of living with open kitchens, I realize there are many detractors among us. There are those who cook and entertain often and don't particularly like to have their kitchen mess in open view of their guests. Some would rather not smell their dinner through the house long after it's been prepared and eaten. I propose that you can have your open-plan kitchen but employ some tricks to close it off to hide a mess, or to keep your guests out from underfoot while you prepare their...

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Kitchen renovations are one of the most common home improvement projects, and a renewed kitchen forms a focal point of nearly every moss project. Our first move, figure out how to open it up to the other spaces in the home – make it more interconnected. For moss, an open kitchen isn’t just an aesthetic choice, it’s a alignment of the house with the way a modern family lives.

Here’s why moss always suggests our design clients consider an open plan kitchen.

The Kitchen Through Time

Kitchens have advanced from a simple open hearth in a common area in early American homes (where it was not unheard of for a women in long skirts to catch fire from unprotected flames) to the mid-nineteenth century female command center – a space apart dedicated to cooking. This efficient work place of women was forward progress from the unsanitary and unsafe glorified open hearth style cooking, certainly. However, it also cut off the space from other family activities, and...

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Nothing To Hide Why Restaurants Embrace The Open Kitchen

Nothing To Hide Why Restaurants Embrace The Open Kitchen

In the past, restaurant customers may have preferred food to magically appear out from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the By Eugene Robinson WASHINGTON — Possible collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign was once little more than a conspiracy theory, but not anymore. The only way Why Is Greenwashing a Problem? Seems like anything and everything has “gone green” these days. Airlines, car companies, retailers, restaurants — heck, even From ATV adventures on sandy dunes to eating your way through some world-class night markets, here are 18 adventurous things that await you in Kaohsiung!Food & Restaurants. It began with the Amerindians who were drawn to Gros Piton and Petit Piton for their mystical protection, followed by generations of Africans who University Village Colorado Food & Restaurants. Good food and good...

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You may think about open kitchen shelving if you want to remodel, to renovate or to make some modifications to your home. The shelves helps to create the feeling of a large space while at the same time, it lets the user in adding different colors in the kitchen. When the upper and the base cabinets do take more of the kitchen space, there may be no way or little time for introducing the color.

The smart homeowners may choose to go for neutral colors for the kitchen cabinets in order to use it for a long time without being tired or being outdated. Regardless of the size and the configuration, it is easy to add the depth with the unexpected details for the pattern and for the color. The open shelf lets many colors inside and they are able to talk by themselves like the bowls, glasses and dishes. You may be looking to save some steps within the day and you will not worry about if the cabinets have been closed or not. The open shelves can make the life much easier since they can...

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There will always be persons that prefer an open kitchen as opposed to a closed one and vice versa and this is a matter of personal preference and lifestyle. They each have their pros and cons and you should consider and analyze them all carefully before you make a decision.

Open kitchens.

Open kitchens are better for entertaining. They allow you to stay in contact with your guests and interact with them while you’re preparing a meal. This makes open kitchens particularly suitable for modern and contemporary homes.{found on planningpretty}.

An open kitchen also benefits from better luminosity. In other words, there’s more natural light in the kitchen after you tear down some of the walls because the light also comes from the dining room or the living room which usually have large windows.{found on designplatformllc}.

Aurora LED light panels from NanoLeaf

However, the cost of removing the walls and dealing with the electricity and everything else...

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A few years ago, my husband and I moved into a gorgeous Craftsman-style house in the Pacific Northwest. It was chockablock with original details like dark wood paneling, stained-glass transom windows ... and a 100-square-foot, totally enclosed kitchen in a faux country style—think yellow oak cabinets paired with linoleum countertops. And though we found most of the historical elements quite charming, the kitchen needed a complete overhaul.

So we hired an architect who hatched a plan to steal some space from the nearby office area. But he didn’t want to stop there. He also wanted to knock down the wall between the kitchen and the formal dining room, to give us the open concept kitchen that it seems just about everybody else has these days.

We balked. Lose the cool, old-fashioned swinging door? And the opportunity to leave my kitchen a mess during dinner parties?

Heck no. Because after having grown up in a New York City apartment where public and private spaces...

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In the past, restaurant customers may have preferred food to magically appear out from behind closed doors, with no indication whatsoever about how the sausage is made—figuratively or literally. After years of hearing Big Food and fast food horror stories that’ll turn your stomach, however, the prototypical modern diner seems to want transparency rather than mystery.

For maximum transparency, restaurants ranging from fast-casual superstar Chipotle, to indie eateries favored by foodies, to massive fast-food chains like Domino’s are all turning to the open kitchen.

The open kitchen trend seems to have been born in big cities such as New York, where chefs cooked within view of diners largely due to space constraints. Getting in the habit of watching chefs do their thing on TV has obviously boosted the fascination with what goes on in restaurant kitchens. As diners grew obsessed with celebrity chefs and the creative ways fresh and exotic ingredients were being combined,...

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Hi, I must admit I'm a huge Gordon Ramsay fan and follower (I wanted to punch that guy in the face who called him "Gordo" in the infamous Black Pearl American episode, and don't even ask me right now about Amy's Baking Company!) I think there's a middle ground in between both fans` and non-fans` perspectives. But the bottom line is its entertainment for _us_, the viewing audience, even the foodies among us. As a huge fan, I can honestly say that the show _does_ have a formula, and Chef Ramsay _does_ have good ideas. Do they work for everyone or every type of restaurant? Well, maybe not, but we as viewers also have to remember that _someone_ in the restaurant industry contacted the show. If you have watched several seasons of the show and you decide to call in the Chef to "fix" your business or provide counsel, then you know that there is going to be some camera filming and editing, so hopefully by now, ppl know what they're getting into. I could go on and on, but I think the...

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Modern kitchens are much more than just places where you just cook. They are increasingly becoming smart, functional and stylish social settings where the entire family can come together after long, hard day. Combine it with a smart dining area and you have the perfect space to host parties over the weekends and through the Holiday Season. This is precisely why your kitchen needs to be as aesthetic as it is functional and open kitchen shelves make a big difference in this regard. Open kitchen shelving gives you ample storage space even while turning it into a chic and elegant display without trying too hard.

The idea that open kitchen shelves are not for everyone is a bit far-fetched. Even if you are not the most organized person around, there are plenty of easy way in which you can decorate the open kitchen shelf without creating a clutter. All it needs is a bit of planning, the right style of open shelving and of course, a dash of inspiration. We are here today to offer...

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Episode Recap

Chef Gordon Ramsay visits Flamango's, Whitehouse Station, NJ, to help a restaurant with a tacky tropical parrot theme, owned by Adele and Bill, who came out of retirement with help from their daughter Cheryl. There is a new chef who has been there 4 weeks and is not allowed to change anything, on the menu.

Gordon goes to visit them at the family ranch, he is shocked to find Cheryl still lives at home as she cannot afford to move out. Gordon arrives at the restaurant, hates the...

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Our Philosophy

Always listen to the client. Through our many years in the industry we have learned that this one statement always remains true. A potential client once asked, "How can I possibly find time to meet with a designer when I work full time during the week and kitchen and bath shops are barely open on the weekends?" We listened. That is why we created a state of the art kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom that is open evenings and on Saturday and Sunday. We founded Sunday Kitchen & Bath Design & Cabinets with you in mind. At our kitchen and bath design and cabinets showroom you deal directly with the owners. We give you honest and personalized service that is tailored to your remodeling needs.

Our Difference

Best value for the money: we do not mark up the appliances, we pass on our discount to you; we do not mark up the labor, we work with the most reliable contractors for better quality. Your money is better spent on high quality kitchen and...
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Last month we selected closed cell spray foam for the basement finishing project we’re working. Closed cell spray foam has the advantage of not requiring a vapor moisture barrier, and it also sports a very high R value, making it an ideal choice for insulating basements (and first and second floors alike).

A frequent question many homeowners ask is how much R value do different spray foams provide? We think that’s an excellent question, and the answer is, like R-values for rigid foam boards, it depends.

Open Cell Foam Insulation Values – R3 – R4

Open cell spray foams are between .5 and 1 lbs per cubic foot, and have an R value of 3.0 – 4.0 per inch of insulation. R values are additive, so you can multiple the number of inches of insulation thickness times the R value to arrive at a total insulation value.

A typical...

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