Open light socket on string lights safe to use?

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If you have a socket that light bulbs just won’t work in anymore, or won’t work properly in, you’re going to need to do something to correct that or abandon the fixture. If it’s in a chintzy little table lamp that you picked up for a dollar at a yard sale ten years ago, maybe you’re looking forward to replacing the whole thing. But if it’s in your $2,000 Mission floor lamp or the chandelier over your dining table or some other built-in fixture, that’s another matter.

Then it’s probably worth repairing.

Rule Out the Bulb

Just to be sure the problem is the socket or the wiring, do a little testing. If you haven’t already done so, troubleshoot the light bulb first. Once you’ve done that, and determined that the problem isn’t the bulb, it’s time to look into the socket itself.

Check for Power

You can do this with a non-contact voltage tester. There are a lot of tests that these handy little pocket testers can’t do, but this is one they’re made...

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Can you help me find a safe way to build a cheaper version of this:

Here's my situation: I want to convert double-lamped can lights into adjustable spotlights without making any permanent changes other than unscrewing a lightbulb and replacing it with something else. It needs to be able to go back to a lightbulb very easily. The cans stick out from the wall and each socket is oriented vertically, so one points up and one points down, effectively washing the wall up and down with light. The wall of 8 or so are wired so the tops are all on one circuit and the bottoms are all on another circuit.

The item from Lowe's works OK, but is $17 and more flexible than I need. Here's what I started to put together: At the top is a 100W Par38 spot light, screwed into a single outdoor metal lampholder. That is attached to a 1/2" pipe (PVC or metal), about 12" long. Now, at the bottom of the pipe, it needs to screw in to the socket...

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LED Christmas Lights and How to Fix Them

and How to Fix Them

Terry Ritter

2007 May 24


Christmas lights are the strings of little electric light bulbs often used on Christmas trees or to decorate homes or yards. A wide range of strings are available, but this article is about the new "LED" bulb strings. "LED" stands for Light-Emitting Diode, and the colors they produce are both stronger and purer than dye coated incandescent lamps. The Philips LED strings I discuss here cost about 10 times as much per bulb as the cheap incandescent strings, but:

they have no filament to break and should last longer; their colors do not fade; they use about 1/10 the power for the same amount of light; they run cold: they cannot burn fingers.

Many people find the intensity and purity of the colors in LED strings simply more enjoyable than incandescent lights. LED strings are not just a more costly modern version of the same...

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Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) runs on top of IP, and provides a connection-oriented service between the sender and the receiver. TCP provides guaranteed delivery and ensures that the packets are delivered in sequence. The underlying network IP is highly unreliable and does not provide any guarantee for TCP. In order to provide reliability between the sender and the receiver, TCP uses various mechanisms, such as sequence numbers, acknowledgments, 3-way handshakes and timers.

By doing this, the sender and receiver can verify whether the data was delivered correctly. They can also determine whether data was dropped, possibly because of loss in transit.

Both the sender and the receiver exchange initial sequence numbers (ISN) during the connection setup phase. After a successful initial handshake, both the sender and the receiver know the sequence numbers that they have to use for communication. Since TCP allows for delayed segments, it must accept segments that are...

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When your lights need to stand up to frequent use and possible weather hazards, choose from this collection of heavy-duty outdoor string lights from Paper Lantern Store.

When your lights need to stand up to frequent use and possible weather hazards, choose from this collection of heavy-duty outdoor string lights from Paper Lantern Store. Our commercial-grade string lights are perfect for businesses in need of a lighting upgrade that won't cost a fortune. Whether you're decorating the wooden ceiling of a barn wedding venue or creating a charming atmosphere for your cafe patio, outdoor string party lights let you create just the right mood. From bulbs with a vintage vibe to ultra-modern LED rope and tube lights, there's an option to suit any type of business in this collection. You'll love using commercial patio lights to entice your customers to check out your outdoor spaces or give guests an enchanting evening under the stars. Either way, these lights will stand up to tough...

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