Optional int/ext walls with I-beam construction


Beam construction is both the way structural beams are put together and the methods for using those beams to build structures. While there are several different types of beams, nearly all structural beams are made of wood, steel or a combination of the two. The two most common shapes for beams are long rectangular boxes, common in wood and composites, and ones shaped like the letter ‘I,’ common with steel beam construction.

Since the early days of construction, wood has been a common material used in beam construction. Wood is the most common material used in the construction of residential buildings. There are several types of wooden beams made, but they fall into a couple of categories.

Standard wooden support beams are vertical beams used primarily in houses. These beams are thick, rectangular blocks of wood that support the basic structure of a house. They are found in corners of buildings and in the center of the house inside the walls, often near doorways. Many...

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Floors in houses are classified as either ground floors or intermediate (upper) floors.

Ground Floors

There are a range of Ground floor construction options for houses, such as:

Solid ground floors (concrete) Suspended ground floors of timber Suspended ground floors of concrete (beam & block)

Solid ground floors

Solid ground floors for houses are constructed of concrete nominally 150mm thick and are often cast between the external and internal walls.

However, where soil conditions are of a lower bearing capacity, the solid ground floor will be part of a raft foundation.

In all cases, the ground will require to be treated to ensure that a consolidated base, devoid of vegetable soil and dampness is provided. This process is known as solum treatment.


Solid Ground Floor

The diagram opposite shows a traditional solid ground floor.



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