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I'm planning a build of a back yard jungle gym/mini ninja warrior obstacle course and I'm in a bit of a pickle. On the one hand, I don't mind spending more for cedar and I prefer the look, however, the availability of dimensional cedar is quite limit
If your patio ideas include the feel of a stone enclosure around your paver patio and the benefits of addtional seating, then a block seating wall is your solution. Designed to fit most patio configurations, block seating walls can be strictly aesthe
Home Depot has a pretty good guide for building wire fences. If you prefer a post and rail look, you could always add a few rails to the design. It would make it look a little better and add some strength as well
Hi, We have lived in our street for over 6 years and we have a large drive, so usually park both cars in it. My hubby moved my car a few weeks ago, to get his car out and parked my car over the road, no residents parking, yellow lines etc. I didn't u
You don't mention where you live so it is hard to give specific advice. The best suggestion is that if it will be climate controlled, it should be built similar to any other climate controlled structure in your area. That means keeping damp, warm air
It's easy enough to winterize the green hose in the picture below. The watertap connects to a T-joint. The green hose stays in the backyard, and the white one scurries somewhere in hiding to reach the front yard
Recessed lighting sits inside your ceiling encased in a metal canister. Oftentimes these canisters will overheat and burn the socket wire insulation, making them malfunction. Recessed lighting is typically set up so that several lights are activated
I'm going to assume the links have a split half-way up one side. For more leverage prying a link open, take 2 large wrenches (pipe-wrenches could work) and grab either end of a link. Push in opposite directions, across the split in the link
An indoor wall of unplastered, painted breeze blocks A concrete masonry unit (CMU) is a standard size rectangular block used in building construction. Those that use cinders (fly ash or bottom ash) are called cinder blocks in Canada, the United State