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With today's release of 'The Walk,' here's a look back at Philippe Petit's "artistic crime of the century," which inspired the movie.

On August 7, 1974, a young Frenchman caught the attention of jaded New Yorkers by wire-walking between the twin towers of the World Trade Center. People in the street gasped at the sight 1,350 feet up, and the photo and film coverage of the seemingly spontaneous event was extensive enough that this ultimate high-wire act went 1974’s version of viral. The 24-year-old acrobat in question was named Philippe Petit. He was initially regarded by police as a perpetrator, and was arrested as soon as he left his perch, though charges were soon dropped. Petit’s feat was commemorated in James Marsh’s 2008 Oscar-winning documentary Man on Wire, and is now getting a spectacular replay in The Walk, an IMAX 3D feature film directed by Robert Zemeckis and starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt as Petit. The time is clearly ripe for a look back at the story behind “the...

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Chapter Text

Ivy watched as the maintenance man got on the elevator to head out of the building. It was the end of a very long, very hard day. She couldn’t wait to go home and just forget about all of it. Lucky for her, Mother had a business dinner, so when she headed home, she’d be all alone. All she had to do was grab Mother’s laptop and leave.

As she walked inside, she paused upon seeing a certain figure perched on her mother’s desk. Flipping on the lights, a small smile fell across her face.


“Close the door,” she said, swinging her legs.

Ivy shut the door behind her and walked closer to her. “What are you doing here? How did you get in here?”

“You don’t get far selling stolen watches by not learning how to pick locks.” She took hold of Ivy’s top and pulled her closer. “You look awfully pretty.”

“I could say the same for you.”

“I heard your mumsy was going to be out all night…”

“So why not sneak into...

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TAMPA - The magic of Google Street View mapping allows anyone to stroll down the Champs Elysees in Paris or downtown Tampa. But until recently, you were stuck on the curb.

That's why David Stead, General Manager of Acropolis in St. Petersburg is paying to have a virtual tour of his restaurant included on Google Maps.

"It's a really beautiful restaurant. It's two stories with a balcony, and a lot of stuff you don't see from the street view," said Stead.

The 360-degree photo shoot is done with the restaurant empty, because people's faces have to be blurred out. In a few weeks, Acropolis will be open for inspection by the entire world.

"Let's say you have someone from out of town who's in St. Petersburg looking for a restaurant. Now they can see the inside of your restaurant before they even get here," explained Josh Matzkin.

Matzkin working with 360 Photo Inc, one of only four US agencies authorized by Google to sell businesses on the idea, schedule...

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Brothels where prostitutes dish out sex from menus and are chosen from lingerie-clad line-ups are often thought of as illegal and taboo, but there is a place called 'brothel country' and its secrets have been revealed.

CNN reporter Lisa Ling visited 'brothel country' in Nevada, where it is legal only with a sex worker inside a licensed property, and revealed that some women can work for just a few weeks a year from the money that they earn selling sex.

The Bunny ranch, which is owned by Dennis Hof, offers out a souvenir menu of the sex acts on offer to its customers.

The prostitutes, with names like Air Force Amy, are lined up for the paying clients to choose from factors in flesh including by different skin colour, hair colour and experience.

The Bunny Ranch's doors never close as it is a 24/7 hour operation, with the prostitutes renting their rooms and some could have sex with up to 20 people. Working at the brothel means they agree to give 50% of...

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There is one very rich homeless man in Paris. Or perhaps he has a new home somewhere else.

A man in his 50s who lived at Charles de Gaulle Airport found an unlocked door, behind which was a room full of money, authorities said.

He picked up two bags stuffed with Euros and walked right out, surveillance video showed. He got away with $324,000.

The Terminal 2F office is home to Loomis, a company that transports cash deliveries for businesses.

Police said the thief was a familiar face at the airport.

A manhunt is underway to find him.

An alarm went off at the courier office last week, authorities said. Investigators viewed video from security cameras in the area and saw the man going through trash bins. He leans against a door and looks surprised that it opened, police said. He then goes inside and returns with the bags.

He hasn't been seen since. Police have searched areas of the sprawling airport where up to 100 homeless people are...

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Liam Neeson is a really good actor. But he isn't a New York City guy. He doesn't look like a New York City guy and he doesn't sound like one either. And, OK, the NYPD is probably the most diverse organization to be found anywhere on Earth, but if you're showing me a NYC cop--active duty or not--he probably looks more like Chris Noth than Liam Neeson.

Problem #2: the teenage computer whiz sidekick. Maybe this worked in novels published in 1992 but in movies made in 2014, movies that appear styled like they're supposed to be hardboiled or hardcore & gritty, the whiz kid sidekick just seems silly.

Problem #3: this is one of those movies in which from time to time a character announces something and I'm left wondering how the hell did he figure that out. But maybe I wasn't paying close enough attention when the microfilm was flashed on the screen. Maybe I'm an idiot. Or maybe the screenwriter and/or director decided to take a short cut.

Problem #4: For some reason I've...

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In most cases, electrical outlets are positioned close to the bottom of the wall through a hole cut in the drywall. This can be an issue if you have an electrical component, such as a wall-mounted television or a wireless router, located near the ceiling. The cord will be visible as it hangs down, and in some cases, might not even reach the outlet. One solution to this problem is to reposition the outlet.

Use a stud finder to locate the wall studs in the area where you want to relocate the outlet. The electrical box that holds the outlet inside the wall is attached to the side of a stud.

Hold an old-work electrical box against the drywall next to the location of the stud. Trace the box onto the wall. Cut a hole into the drywall with a drywall saw.

Turn off the power to the circuit the outlet is connected to. Test the outlet with a voltage tester to ensure that the power is off. Do not proceed with this project until the power to the circuit is...

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We have to talk about that final shootout scene in La Belle. It's remarkable. What was it like filming that? Were you happy with the way it turned out?

Russell: Yes, just amazing. It took us about, I wanna say like, a week and a half.

Matthew: It was just a crazy experience, having 30-40 women in a hotel, 30-40 guys on the street. It was a lot, it was intense!

Russell: It was quite the experience. It was one of those things where you're like, “Wow, this is actually happening.”

Matthew: Plus, there's horses, people falling, running. It was just full chaos. And we had the loveliest view from the dirt!

Fans who've already binge-watched the series have mixed feelings about whether Godless should come back for a second season. Where do you stand on that? What would you like to see for your character in season two?

Audrey: I would love a season two and I know all the ladies would, too! We’ve been dreaming of it since we were on set filming...

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Ever wish you could have a outlet on the back of your TV for your streaming player? Now you can and hide all of your cables behind your TV. Perfect for TV owners who don’t want a ton of cables behind their TV.

Here is our full video review:

You can find the InstaOutlet on Amazon here:

From Amazon:

Creates power outlet behind Television for Media Players such as Chromecast, Roku Includes Velcro mounting Strips for both Media Player and InstaOutlet Easy Installation No Tools Needed, makes hiding all wires behind TV easy Works with Google Chromecast, Roku, Apple TV, all streaming media TV Players Only works with TV’s that have a removable power cord.

Creates an instant power outlet to plug in your Apple TV, Roku LT, Google Chromecast WD-TV, Netgear Neo, Belkin, Dlink Movienite, Sony, RCA, and all other media players. Also mounts media players. Your flat screen, wall mounted TV or desktop computer monitor will have a clean, visible wire free installation in...

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The final part of the project is installing the hooking up the new receptical and the old one to the new wire. Using the existing receptical as the small holes in the back of the receptical to attach your white and black wires. There is a small blade inside these holes that will allow the wire to go in, but won't let it come out. Make sure that the black wire is on side with the brass screws and the white is on the silver side. The bare copper wire is the ground, and using your wire strippers make a little hook on the end of this wire and wrap it around the green screw located on the bottom of the receptical. Push the excess wire and the receptical into the box and use the screws given to attach it to the front of the box. There will be holes that line up with the attached screws.

When attaching the wire to the existing outlet strip the ends of the black and white conductors as before, but using your wire-strippers make little hooks on the ends to fit around the screws on...

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Whirlington writes...

But not so clever on hindsight was forgetting about the cables that will eventually need to run from TV to Home Theater which will sit on a low-rise unit. There will be atleast a HDMI and an audio cable dropping 1.25m to the unit. Get the picture? Not very pretty.


Try using one of these behind the TV and down by the floor.

There are a few other recessed options as well.

Hooded wallplates are great for a few reasons like being able to shove the excess cable in the wall cavity, not having to use 1 set of joiners for the HDMI cable, and being able to use a slim mounted bracket (as cables stick out of a surface mounted wall plate and can prevent this).

You can get hooded wall plates in white and black and can get large and small, inverted or protruding. Lots of varieties.

A) Drill a hole in the wall, drop cables inside and seal up the wall. (Don't like this option as it...

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