Questions about: painting

My standard "must get this look" finishing advice - prepare several scrap pieces exactly as you have prepared the primed wood, and test the entire finish process on them. Practice makes perfect, and practicing on the final object makes a mess out of
If it was indeed just recent & not an ongoing for years situation. Then, let it dry for a week or 2 & see how solid it is then. As long as it feels as solid as before & the rest of the walls, then definitely scrape off what bubbled, split
Use a roller to get the most Paint onto the door, only for 1/3rd of the door at a time & immediately Tip or Lay that area off. Tipping or Laying off is using a Paint Brush in the direction of the wood grain or simulated wood grain. Meaning, you e
If you're using an electric sander then you want to keep that moving all of the time & not linger in any areas. Lingering will heat up the paint & cause it to release. If the paint is peeling off in strips you may also have a poor paint job w
Get a rub-stick lead test kit, they're very easy & cheap. My understanding is that you didn't ban lead paint until 1990 in the stores. Bright yellow is a clear indicator it's lead, that started out navy blue
Visual & touch dry. I've never measured the moisture content of anything & just wait a day or 2 for it to dry & not a single moisture content issue in decades. From what I understand Precise Moisture Content is really only needed for buil
Since you are repainting the spindles, you do not need to go completely down to bare wood. It is fine to get down to the point where you begin to see bare wood, but you aren't actually sanding into the surface of it. The objective is to get to a clea
Carefully & the rental options you mentioned I totally agree with. .
Often it really is a race between tortoise and hare: not who can go fastest but who can last the longest. And for many homeowners nervously contemplating four and five-figure re-roofings, longevity looks pretty good. You can rate roofing materials fr
My general rule is that paint should generally be one of the last things that you do. Refinishing a floor can make a horrible mess, and dust from sanding is going to end up all over the place. It's probably going to be easier to clean up from the flo