Partly blocked PVC pipe


PVC piping systems show a good balance between stiffness and flexibility
Due to their flexibility PVC pipelines can accommodate minor ground movements and seismic forces. This means they will not break or leak in service.

PVC piping systems are very light yet strong
This makes them easy to handle on site during installation, but highly durable in use.

PVC piping systems are easy to transport
It is possible to carry 8 times as many PVC sewer pipes on a single lorry than concrete pipes, so taking PVC pipes to the site has a lower environmental impact.

PVC piping systems are easy to install
The lightweight of PVC pipes makes them very easy to handle; for small diameter pipes, no cranes are needed on site.

PVC piping systems can last up to 100 years without losing their properties
Independent studies on PVC pipes excavated after 60 years in service have shown that their major mechanical and physical properties are as good as new;...

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Since I am not sure with what camera I am going to use it, there was no point to make a shutter release button as different cameras have different ways to do release it.

If you make the selfie stick for a mobile phone, then this is an option:

In the Instructable "Make a Super Selfie Stick", the selfie stick had a bluetooth shutter release button, but I never used it as most of mobile phones these days can take a picture with a voice command. I am not sure if that remote works with cameras.

Mostly I will use the selfie stick for videos so I don't need the button.

I guess the easiest option (for the camera) is to buy a mini shutter release remote and tie it to the...

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Sometimes clogged pipes cause a reduced water flow at one fixture or entire section of a structure. When I am called to solve such a problem, I often back flush the pipes rather than taking them apart to clear the blockage.

First I confirm that the problem is caused by a clogged pipe in the system and not a faulty fixture. The first thing I want to do is remove any aerators that could be plugged, or see if only one side of a fixture has the problem. If I find low flow on only one side of a faucet, or more than one fixture is involved, I set up a back flush.

Here are a few views of my preferred tool for stopping the flow at a faucet spout. These toggle on or off aerators were handed out by our local power company years ago as a way to reduce hot water consumption. Of course most of them were never installed. I find them for two bits at garage sales and always have one on the truck for back flushing.

Back Flush Clogged Hot Water Pipes

Close the...

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Victorian writes...

why are they charging you $60.00 did you go to the counter and ask they will have a print out to give you an idea where discharge point is as its stormwater only right.

When you go in they have a form you have to fill out and they email you the information.
The cost for this is $56.75.

were you there when the guys used a high pressure hose down the drain as if it went 5 to 6 metres down you knew the direction the discharge point is front or back of property.

My wife was, I wasn't. The plumber who came didn't tell her anything about which direction it went.

are your storm water pipes terracotta

It disappears into the ground from the pit as PVC, 90-100mm, I'm not sure.

the ground should be easy to dig sandy soil down the part of frankston i know and any heavier soils will still be...

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