Payne/Carrier furnace pilot problem


I need your advice regarding furnace error code 14 for Carrier Bryant and Payne furnaces.

Error code 14 means ignition lockout.

That doesn’t tell me much of what I want to know, like what to do about it.

If you get the error code 14 for a Carrier or Payne or Bryant furnace, it will auto reset after three hours and try again.

I don’t need my family giving me literal cold shoulders that long.

The Carrier manual says to do the same thing you would as a code 34 error.

Code 34 is the ignition proving failure.

Yes, and you can get the ignition lockout after repeated ignition proving failure.

So Code 14 is what you get after multiple code 34 errors.

The manufacturer programs them to bring the blower back on for a ninety second recycle delay and try again, until it stops with the code 14 error.

So what do I do other than reset the furnace to restart the cycle of code 34 and code 14?

The problem could be due to a...

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Carrier, Bryant, Day night, Payne gas furnace design and troubleshoot

When troubleshooting, understand you are working with potentially lethal voltages and a highly flammable gas. If you do not have the ability to do these operations safely, do not attempt them.

Carrier manufacturers, in addition to Carrier, Bryant, Day Night and Payne.
There are some variations in model #s. Usually Carrier will have its own model#. Bryant, Day Night and Payne are simply the same furnace with different names. All these furnaces have close similarities.

Carrier 394GAW model gas furnace

The following information covers a number of Carrier, Day night and Payne models installed approximately between 1980 and 1990.
These units all had pilot assemblies that looked similar to the one on the left.

The furnace below was installed in the early to middle 1980s. The models listed below are only a partial list.

The electric pilot assembly used...

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Follow the gasline that feeds the furnace. It will enter a valve that controls the fuel flow to the burners. Out of that valve will be (probably) a 1/2" pipe going to the burner. There should also be a smaller aluminum line that is about as big around as a pencil and silver colored. That is the fuel supply line for the pilot. Follow that line and it should take you to the pilot assembly!

Make sure you read the lighting instructions on the rating plate and you are completely comfortable lighting this appliance yourself. If not, please call a professional to help you with this!

EDIT: The shutoff valve is open when the handle is inline with the gasline. If the handle is 90 degrees to the line it is off...

Folllow the instructions on the furnace to the letter! Yes, turn the thermostat to low first. Turn the power off and then on again after a couple of minutes to allow everything to reset.

On the gasvalve there is probably a red dial/button with three positions on...

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hi! i have a carrier infinity model...

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Pilot Light problem on a Carrier Gas furnace

[SIZE=3]I have a carrier Gas Furnace that has a problem with the pilot light. I will try to describe the problem. It has an automatic pilot igniter. Sometime the unit will start to light the pilot (High-voltage Clicking) and then stop. Try again and stop. Sometime it will light the pilot and after maybe 30s to 1min. it turns off. Now here is the strange part! If I push on the connector on the igniter board it will start back up. Let go of the connector and it turns off. Looked at the board were the connector is soldered to the board and it looked fine. I even re-soldered the connector. I even re-soldered some of the components around the connector. It did not help. At first the board was loose. The screws would not tighten up the board to the mount. I fixed that but it too did not help. After flexing the connector a few times the furnace started working correctly. Restarted the system...

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Carrier Bryant Payne OEM furnace pilot burner 3-wire LH680005 1830-620 #740 For Sale

This item has been shown 17 times.

Carrier Bryant Payne OEM furnace pilot burner 3-wire LH680005 1830-620 #740:

Carrier/Bryant Electronic Pilot Assembly LH680005•3 Wire Model with Correct Plug
•Also Replaces 2 Wire Models
•Used on Carrier Bryant Payne and Day & Night Furnaces
•Replaces Part Numbers 732, 733, 740, LH33JZ053, and LH680005

Part Number Carrier LH680005
Item Weight 5 ounces
Package Dimensions 3.2 x 3.2 x 3.1 inches
Item Package Quantity 1
Batteries Included? No
Batteries Required? No

Honeywell Vr8205s 2361 Direct Ignition Gas Control Valve Hvac Furnace

Honeywell Thermostat And Wireless Sensor

Freightliner M2 106 Bulkhead Control Module 06-49824-004 Nib

Belimo Lf24 - 3 Us Actuator New Lf24-3 Us

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I spoke too soon in thinking the repair would be easy. I've replaced the pilot burner on my Carrier 58GS150-CB but the same problem persists. The part # is LH 680 005 which replaces the original 535-740A. The part is identical to what was in the furnace and a genuine Carrier part.

I replaced the pilot burner because the gas valve would chatter particulary after the pilot burner was warm. The sequence would be as follows:

Call for heat
Gas valve chatters (large direct acting solenoid)
Ignitor and Pilot turn on
Pilot burner heats
Gas valve chatters (small pilot solenoid - sometimes both)
Gas turns on

The cycle is always successful but the chattering is both loud and disturbing. Sometimes lasting 2-3 seconds.

I made the determination it was the pilot burner by disconnecting it and manually duplicating its function with clip leads. Connecting YEL to BRN (GRN on pilot burner harness) turns on the ignitor and pilot. Switching to...

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Troubleshooting Payne Furnace Inside Wiring Diagram

payne air handler wiring diagram in image of goodman electric best furnace, payne furnace wiring diagram at cristinalattaro wiiring and, wiring how do i connect the common wire in a carrier air handler within payne furnace diagram, furnace thermostat wiring diagram complete and payne, payne 394jaw pilot problem doityourself com community forums within furnace wiring diagram, payne air handler wiring diagram in image of goodman electric within furnace, payne air handler wiring diagram in image of goodman electric inside furnace, i talked to you a few days ago about my payne plus 90 gas furnace and wiring diagram, troubleshooting payne furnace inside wiring diagram, payne air handler wiring diagram in image of goodman electric furnace, Gallery.

If you like this picture please right click and save the picture, thanks for visiting this website, we provide a lot of options related to Troubleshooting Payne Furnace Inside Wiring...

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I want your opinion on Carrier furnace problems. I’m assuming you flipped the thermostat from cool to heat. Yes, I did. Carrier heating only furnaces have a summer switch; flipping that to on means it goes into fan only mode. For heating and cooling models, the furnace is put in fan only mode by switching the fan switch to cont for continuous. So you think it might not be running right because the furnace switch is set to fan only, even though I told the furnace to go to heat. It depends on the model, but that might be it. It does heat up, but sometimes shuts down. If you had a power outage, that might shut down the unit and you need to hit the reset button. The same is true for brown outs. It is a gas furnace. The control panel does not run on gas. Another thing may be that it is erroring, so you can power cycle it to try to fix the error. It is a furnace, not a gaming console. Furnace control panels are almost as smart as a computer, and probably exceed that of...

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What do I do about a furnace error code 12 for Carrier Bryant and Payne furnaces? Code 12 is the blower on after power up error. That doesn’t tell me much more than the error code did. Code 12 can mean the 115 volts AC or 24 volts AC power to the blower is on when it isn’t supposed to be. The blower is supposed to power up. The blower is supposed to run for a minute and a half if the unit is powered up during a call for heat. The other possibility is that it runs during the blower on delay period. I don’t know about a delay period. It is normal for the blower to turn on after it has just been installed, you lost power or cut power to the furnace. The blower turns on for a minute or two to verify it can work. The rest of my appliances don’t do that. It should stop running in that case after a minute or two unless you turn on the furnace or turn up the thermostat to actually run. In that case, the blower should stay on to distribute the heat. If the blower keeps running when the heat is...
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I need your help dealing with a furnace error code 13 for Carrier, Bryant, and Payne units.

These units have the first digit in short flashes and second digit in long flashes, so make sure it actually says 13 and not 31.

It says code 13.

Code 13 means limit circuit lock out.

Is that something I can fix by power cycling the furnace?

That’s what you could try to do to fix an ignition lockout, like a furnace failing to ignite or stay lit.

An ignition lockout means I need to check the air supply, ignition, flame sensor or thermocouple. What do I do about error code 13?

Hit the reset button or turn it off at the breaker and back on to power cycle it. But know that will trigger code 11, no previous code.

At least then I’ll know why that code came up, due to the power interruption.

But if that brings it up while changing the code to 33, the real reason it is failing is because it cycles due to lack of air.

Or the...

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