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Wasp is basically an insect that basically survives on a diet comprising of the nectar of various flowers. It is neither a bee nor an ant and can be found living either as a solitary creature or in a nest, with numerous other wasps. Usually a solitar
Spring is the time of year when flowers bloom and eggs become something that people use for holidays and as a symbol of rebirth and renewal. However, not all eggs are ones that people may want around, some of them might be insect eggs. Insect eggs in
We have a rental in a neighborhood with a serious rat problem. Per the county, we can only hope to battle and contain the issue. To that end, we've been paying for rat poison services for a while, but the county requires us to fill the holes, so that
If you have rats in your home, this is the website for you. I have written several detailed articles about how to solve the problem. I will link to the most important ones right now: - How to do a Rat Inspection - to find out how they are getting in
Since this nest was found in March, it is probably leftover from last year, but it is also possible that it is being built by a queen. March and April is the best time to control wasps for the whole year by trapping a queen. Commercial traps work wel
The novelty of seeing a pair of ducks descend on my swimming pool is wearing out. I'm not sure how they will leave the place, but after every two-hour visit, the surface of the water ceases to be pristine, and I know from past experience that hosting
Rat mites consume blood. They may be choosy about who they bite and not everyone has an allergic reaction to the bite. This part may be unnecessary but I took everything out of my room and put it in the garage
As a bird owner of 30 years as well as a breeder of parakeets, and someone who worked in the avian diagnostics lab at Penn State University, most of the information given in this article is very wrong and will more than likely kill a baby bird, wild
We recently moved into a gorgeous 112-year-old house in the historic district of our town. We are renting long-term with an option to buy. We have an awesome landlord who has let us really make this our home and he’s very easy to work with
In Short: Absolutely. Cockroaches can get into a room even from holes between the very building materials that make up your domicile. They may not even be obviously visible