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I want to replace a 12 year old dishwasher with a new KitchenAid model. The hot and cold PVC pipes from under kitchen sink are blocking a full install. These pipes are not flush against the wall or low enough to sit in the recessed space behind dishw
USA, NW Oregon, single-story house with crawl space, built 1972. Background The house has the original galvanized piping in the crawl space and suffers from low water flow in two bathrooms. Static pressure measured at an external hose faucet near whe
6. 3. Cutting the hole in the wall for the connecting piping(1) Cut a 80 mm (3-5/32 in
Definitely do NOT fill them with cement. At least not the parts you grab onto. You could probably fill the base bars (the ones that actually touch the floor) if you simply want a little more weight to stabilize it but since the ends are capped, sand/
There are two different types of flow in a pipe: steady and turbulent. Steady flow means that the fluid is flowing consistently throughout the pipe so all properties are uniform throughout the pipe and can be analyzed at any point of the flow to obta
Most lamps have a two-prong plug. All the lamps in my house, even the ones with metal casings, have two-prong plugs. I don't think you have a safety problem
I have a water pump similar with this one In this question I am asking bout what is marked with #3 in the picture. In my case that pipe goes to the ceiling .
This is a common issue that is often ignored or dealt with in shoddy ways. First, yes, set a mouse trap and get rid of the mouse. Then deal with the hole
A lot depends upon whether you live where it can freeze. If you do then you want to bury the pipe from the house to the stock tank in the ground at a depth sufficient to prevent freezing. Then you want to use a frost-free farm or yard hydrant type va
I'm trying to make a gate structure for my attic to prevent people from falling through the pull-down stairs opening. For this, I'm joining threaded iron piping together with elbow joints and t-joints. The problem is that when I make try to make a re