Questions about: planning-permission

This varies greatly from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. It also depends on what kind of work and how much. In many locations, minor electrical work, in-kind plumbing replacement, interior construction that does not change the overall footprint or the
Adding a [3 foot] fence on top of a wall That wording and picture suggest a UK location. It isn't clear to me where exactly you intend to put this fence but if you are adding 3 foot to the height of a wall you are very likely to need planning permiss
While contemplating some electrical work (replacement of the breaker box), I called the city's inspection/permit department and asked them, Q: Why should I get a permit? A: Because it is required by (city ordinance). Q: If I don't have a permit and s
If you have not heard any proposals for a “universal basic income” (UBI), you will soon. Under a UBI, the federal government would send each American (including children, in some plans) a monthly check of, say, $800 or $1,000 to cover basic needs. A