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Answer It is all in the preparation. Why do you want to paint a pool????? Reply to above: WHY PAINT A POOL? Because it's cheaper than re-plastering or otherwise re-surfacing your pool. Because it protects the concrete and/or plaster or fiberglass sur
All guess work: That wall is an edition. If it was original to the house as a stiffener, it would be sitting directly on the lath. The little 'blue' pieces raise the 2x4 above the plaster lobes
Washington DC’s historic neighborhoods are well known for the brick retaining walls that support tiered gardens in front of the old homes. Owners know that these hardworking structures add value and authenticity to the home and should be preserved an
One of the easiest mistakes to make when renovating a historic home is to tear down the old plaster walls and replace them with modern drywall and joint compound. This not only destroys the historic architecture and features that make a historic home
Tiling over poor/uneven plaster « Singletrack ForumDO NOT under any circumstances use PVA as a tile primer. Tile adhesive is water resistant, but not water proof. The water will find it's way to the PVA, once this happens it will become liquid again
The enduring exterior brickwork of the Washington DC area's 100-year-old brick homes conveys a rich sense of history. According to experts, the durability of the brick and masonry facades depends primarily on its resistance to water penetration. Owne
Primer performs important functions on interior walls, including blocking stains and improving adhesion of the topcoat. When painting previously painted walls that are not peeling or chipping, have not been patched or repaired and are not drastically
Overview: The method and key toolsIf you’re a skilled drywall taper or plasterer, you probably use a hawk and trowel to skim-coat walls. We don’t expect to change your mind if you use those tools as second hands. But if you’re a remodeler who does on
So my partner and I are trying to resurface a concrete wall in an old house in Taiwan. Before I get into the nitty gritty of asking how, I just want to clarify my terminology first – I think I've got plaster and some other things confused. This is wh
Figure out how many layers there are. One layer of dry-strippable wallpaper will take no more than a few hours to remove, but if you have more than one layer, things can start to get tricky. Peel back a corner of wallpaper and see what's behind it