Please help me choose an AC option


I rent an apartment in Anchorage, Alaska. In my 15 years in this state I have never even considered air conditioning, but this apartment gets beastly hot in the summer. It has huge windows facing south and slightly west that just bake the place. Even with fans on high in front of all windows that open, it easily gets over 90F (32C), even though the outside temperature rarely gets over 75F (24C). Dammit! I didn't move to Alaska to be hot! My apartment complex requires that their blinds be visible from the outside, making blackout curtains problematic. We are allowed window AC units, but I'm not finding any that are powerful enough for my main living area that will also fit into the obvious window.

I'm definitely looking for the least expensive effective option. While environmental issues are always a concern, I don't pay my own electric, so electric usage is less of a concern than it would otherwise be. I can get a small unit now that will fit in the small window early in the...

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none of those two cpus is great

i do consider that the gt 730 is way better than a intel gpu, so i would get that one but be sure to find the gt 730 with the more cuda cores and right core speed, there is 3 gt730 and only 1 is worth buying, also buy the one with ddr5, the ddr3 is likely o be the slower weaker gt 730, if you really find it very cheap is viable, otherwise, if you find a cheap gt1030, i would buy that, in fact i did

with that hardware list, you can add later the intel g4560 or the g4620, be sure to update bios first, so mainboard supports those 7th gen cpus, in fact i would buy the celeron to use it untill i get to buy the pentiums mentioned, you might find the celerons to be enough, but those pentiums are 2 cores and 4 threads, that does help with some games

yes, add ram to make it 8 gbs, dualchannel for extra...

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Please choose an option is a program developed by Image-Line. The software installer includes 6 files. A majority of the PCs this is running on, most OS versions are Windows 7. The distribution of this has mostly been seen in the United States.

Program details


Help link:

Installation folder: C:\Program Files\vstplugins\deckadance

Uninstaller: C:\Program Files\VstPlugins\Deckadance\uninstall.exe

Files installed by Please choose an option

FTD2XX.dll (by FTDI Ltd) - FTDIChip CDM Drivers (FTD2XX library) adec.dll deckadance.dll deckadance.exe SongManager.exe Uninstall.exe

How do I remove Please choose an option?

Quickly and completely remove Please choose an option from your computer by downloading "Should I Remove It?", its 100% FREE and installs in seconds (click the button below).

Or, you can uninstall Please choose an option from your computer by using the...

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Having a total stranger guesstimate your storage needs is tricky. On one hand I can speak from my own personal experiences (trials & errors) but on the other hand the odds that my usability matches your needs is usually quite low.

I'm going to assume (as the model of MacBook Air you're considering was not mentioned) that you're looking at a model with the 128GB drive. Personally, I feel that the 64GB SSD (standard in the $999 11" MBA) is a travesty.

When you factor in the OS and applications (iTunes, iPhoto, iMovie) and suites like Office you can quickly turn that 64GB into not much free space for media or other "entertainment."

The other problem is, the ability to upgrade the internal storage on the MacBook Air is a little bit tricky. First off, it's not cheap and secondly there's one aftermarket vendor that makes one solution (in different capacities). The lack of competition in this sector means if you don't like your choices you're out of luck. Even worse...

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Hello everyone.

I have been lurking for a couple of weeks and need help.

I am debating between the 650 and the 700. I have been a Palm OS user for 5 years. I haven't had the privilege of using Windows, so I haven't complained about the one-application-at-a-time limitation. I am nowhere a power user, in fact, just a novice. I need a phone/PDA because I am in the medical field currently using about 60gb of medical references in my Clie 650. I don't do voicemail or surf the net or instant messaging. However, I would like to use it for the GPS function.

I was thinking of getting the 650 until a friend said that the palm OS is too slow to handle GPS. Would the 700 be better suited? And would it be a difficult adjustment to switch from POS to WM? I HAVE to stay with verizon, and I like the form factor, so please don't tell me to get the "700p from xyz carrier." Thank you for your...

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I am having trouble deciding between these two stones and need to make a decision within the next day or so. Which of these two stones would you choose? The E color stone with the 58% table is a .7 on the HCA and the F color is a 1.5. Initially, I was going to choose the stone with the .7 HCA (E color), but from talking with different people, they recommended the one with the smaller 56% (f color) table. I believe these proportions are more in line with a "hearts and arrows" cut stone and what GIA goes by.

1.36/F/VS2/Ex/Ex/Ex; table 56%; depth 61.7%, crown angle 35, pavilion angle 40.8; $11,300

1.36/E/VS2/Ex/Ex/Ex; table 58%; depth 59.9%, crown angle 34.5, pavilion angle 40.6;...

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Johnny in L.A. wrote:

Thanks very much for the responses.

I don't absolutely have to have the date and time stamped on the video. Most videotaped depositions that I've seen do have a date and time stamp, but I've never read anything in California law that requires it. For larger cases we hire a videographer; what this camera will allow is for us to videotape depositions in medium-size cases without increasing our clients' costs. The jury won't notice that there is no date and time stamp. They will just pay attention to what is being said on the screen.

Keep in mind that many current camcorders use the "AVCHD" format that, at 4GB's, makes a new file. These file chunks, (many if we're talking "7 hours"), need to be stitched together in post-production/editing software. Simply laying them side-by-side on a timeline may cause a glitch where the new file starts. It depends which software you are using, but in general, the files need to be joined to one big .mts...

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Please help me choose.

Hey Guys,
I got a real important question for you guys. ( most the more sharply tuned, pchycotic, and bluntly retarted flyers who fly like a pidgeon with 3 shells full of bird-shot in it)
I am a fairly advanced flyer and need to find a plane that is quick, does what the sticks and my pretty much useless brain can dish out. I would like to know what is the best plane for the job. I need something that can take some Pennsylvania wind and can hold a motor that I can't strap to the ground without 3 or so guys. I wanna be able to fly it like im chasing Bin-Laden so I can shoot him so many times that I can catch his intestines in my prop and spit them out my prop-wash. (sorry about the violence, but after what he did I think that is an understatement of what should be done to him and every one of his followers). So if you guys could throw me a couple bones of what kind of plane is best for my needs I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks and Sweet...

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Klarna is a payment provider, who pays in advance for you and therefore gives you a longer payment timeframe of 14 days or makes the purchase available in installments. If you purchase the tickets with Klarna, our system considers them as payed and can therefore, according to our


, no longer be cancelled. Therefore Klarna will perfrom a credit check on you before the purchase is granted. This can lead to the error message at hand. The specific reasons can only be directly cleared with


, since we don't have any influence on the process or result of the credit check. Please contact Klarna directly if you repeatedly receive the error message for the payment option and have already checked the entered information to see if it is correct. We appologize for any inconvenience you may experience by chosing a different payment option, until the issues with Klarna have been solved. A full list of our available payment options can be found


. Please...

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Slaughterfreak said:


a couple of months ago, I bought myself the following 2.1 speaker system:

They worked fine the whole time until one day, when they just wouldn't turn on anymore. So I sent them back and got a replacement. But now I have a really weird problem with this new system:

When I turn the system off, the speakers continuously emit a popping sound every couple of seconds. Turning them off and on again doesn't help and they do it indefinitely (at least they were still doing it after 5 minutes^^). When I unplug them from the back of my PC and plug them right back in, the popping is gone and they work as intended. When I then turn them off and on again, the popping is back and I have to re-unplug and plug them to make it go away. So everytime I turn my speakers on, I have to unplug them for a second, or else they will pop all the time.

The speakers are standing freely on...

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Compatibility information

Compatible with:

Not compatible with Windows XP or Mac computers.

Setting up for the first time

Your dongle is compatible with Windows Live Updates. This means that providing your computer is online when you plug your dongle in, Windows will automatically download and install the necessary software.

Follow these simple steps to install your BT Home Hub 5 USB ac Wireless Dongle.

Before you start, make sure you're online. Remove the "Do not insert" label from the dongle and plug it into a free USB port. Within a few minutes, the driver for your version of Windows should start to be installed

If your dongle doesn't set itself up automatically, you'll need to download and install the driver software manually.

Open the available wireless connections by clicking on the wireless network icon in the system tray at the bottom right of the screen. Find the ac dongle connection. It will be...
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Good product

Posted by Jose Bulnes on 3rd Apr 2017

Fit in my laptop same like original thankyou

A working adapter.

Posted by Unknown on 14th Sep 2016

The adapter works perfectly.

I did not need to use it

Posted by Roger Martinez on 14th Apr 2016

I was looking to power the Toshiba hard drive in my laptop and no the laptop itself.
My mistake ordering the wrong product

Met or exceeded expectations

Posted by Unknown on 7th Aug 2015

The site is intuitive to use and found the exact charger required.
Good price and warranty.
Shipping was right when expected.
Thanks Laptop Rescue.

Exactly what I needed

Posted by Ed on 19th Apr 2015

The power adaptor that came with my computer died recently. I oredered a replacement from a well known website...

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