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Double trapping is both a bad idea and a code violation in most jurisdictions - from the International Plumbing Code (my emphasis): 1002. 1 Fixture traps. Each plumbing fixture shall be separately trapped by a liquid-seal trap, except as otherwise pe
heating and boiler problems – lovekin. net Please read our Legal Disclaimer If you have a condensing boiler (also called a high efficiency boiler) which stops working in very cold weather, and particularly if you have been hearing new strange gurglin
Whether it's the cause of water pooling under your sink, or the annoying dripping sound that keeps you up at night, a leaky faucet is a nuisance that could turn into a full-blown problem if not addressed properly. Fortunately, putting a stop to a lea
Sometimes the corrosion is painfully obvious on the exterior of the pipe, as in the photo below. But, because the bulk of the corrosion is happening inside the pipe, it may not be obvious until the interior corrosion eats entirely through the pipe. T
No, it is not okay. Make sure this is fixed before it's covered up. I'd have to search through the code books to find all the relevant code sections, but simply looking at this there appears to be a few problems
You have a leak in your pipes. I know you're probably thinking, how is my hot water getting water then? I went thru this myself last thanksgiving. What happens is your water … comes in the house and usually splits one pipe to the hot water then the o
job, use cleaner in the tub to erase the marks made by the drain basket, the overflow cover Tips For Removing A Bathtub Drain. Popping the top. To begin removing a bathtub drain, you'll first need to remove the drain cover
1 - Check that your valve under the sink is open, someone may have knocked it mostly shut. 2 - Or, it could be that debris finally got washed up into the hot water valve or sink supply hose under the sink or in the faucet. You'd turn off the valve un
When the interior phillips is loosened, You should remove it, not just loosen it. Then the handle should lift off vertically. This should allow you to remove the cover/washer part Then you should be able to see the hexagonal top of the valve assembly
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