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I have what seems to be a strange, but hopefully easily solved problem. I have a Rheem Warrior series electric hot water heater in my mobile home. My husband is installing a new shower and we could not find the shut off on the heater, so we had to sh
Drain stoppers prevent clogs, but like any home element, they need some TLC. No matter how good your drain stopper is, hair is bound to make its way through. Sadly, if you do not clean your drain stopper every so often, clogs will occur
Our laundry room shares space with the water heater and the current set up is driving me nuts. Our washer is next to the water heater and the outlet/vent for the dryer is against the opposite wall. So to paint a clear picture the washer and dryer fac
by amphibient Last Updated February 25, 2016 01:09 AM I would like to extend this pipe (outdoor sillcock) with copper by soldering a female adapter on the extending pipe and then putting this threaded male into it. Then, I would like to continue on f
A bathtub isn't much good without a steady stream of hot water for soothing your tired feet. If the stream has been reduced to a trickle, it could be a sign of a problem with the water heater, deposits in the pipes or the faucet, or even an air lock.
Write / Read Reviews Troubleshooting pilot light problems on gas water heaters. How to fix the water heater when the light goes out, does not light, won't stay lit, pilot flame is too small or too large. To prevent problems with the water heater pilo
There are two main and opposing risks: Too high, and users get scalded Too low, and you risk pathogens, particularly Legionella bacteria, which causes legionellosis (Legionnaires' disease) Legionella riskAccording to the paper "Legionella and the pre
67drake wrote: I wouldn't. How do you know it is? ratkindler wrote: The pipes are chrome and when I tried to remove the p-trap nuts they basically shattered. Drake, that right there is a pretty good clue that there is a problem with what remains of t
Be more accurate to assume the exposed pipe is in a basement/crawl space or garage rather than an abandoned house. Or a house being left not used over the winter? If there is flow, the problem becomes a conflict between the "warm" water from the stre
The picture shows a copper pipe with a compression-fit valve attached. The copper pipe is presumably just a straight section of pipe going into your wall box, and the silver-colored thing with a shutoff knob is a valve attached to the pipe. Are you t