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Be more accurate to assume the exposed pipe is in a basement/crawl space or garage rather than an abandoned house. Or a house being left not used over the winter? If there is flow, the problem becomes a conflict between the "warm" water from the stre
The picture shows a copper pipe with a compression-fit valve attached. The copper pipe is presumably just a straight section of pipe going into your wall box, and the silver-colored thing with a shutoff knob is a valve attached to the pipe. Are you t
Are you sure? You should have full access through the escutcheon plate for valve & shut-offs. Access panels aren't actually there for re-plumbing, since the plumbing's good for 100-years. Access panels were there in the old days because valves di
Backwashing water filters are large tank-style filters that get their name from the fact that they clean and renew themselves by backwashing. Backwashing consists of reversing the flow of water so that it enters from the bottom of the filter bed, lif
*unless you include installation of a new boiler I just had my boiler replaced with a fantastic new one. The first thing the plumber did was to put the old boiler outside our house on the curb. It was quickly taken by a scrap collector
Sometimes the corrosion is painfully obvious on the exterior of the pipe, as in the photo below. But, because the bulk of the corrosion is happening inside the pipe, it may not be obvious until the interior corrosion eats entirely through the pipe. T
A ceiling water leak is often, but not always, caused by a leak in the roof of a house. Other things that may cause a leak in the ceiling include a plumbing problem, a leaky skylight, a window leak, a siding leak or a masonry leak. A water leak in th
No, it is not okay. Make sure this is fixed before it's covered up. I'd have to search through the code books to find all the relevant code sections, but simply looking at this there appears to be a few problems
I had the same problem with my glow worm flexicon 12hx. It was throwing fault codes f11, f22, and f25. The house is approx 7 years old