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OK, this is a weird one. Follow the bouncing ball: I have a tankless water heater I've had problems the last few weeks with the water running lukewarm instead of hot. Someone suggested power-cycling the water heater, and I did, and the problem went a
Chlorinated polyvinyl chloride pipe, more commonly known as “CPVC pipe,” is a plumbing material made of highly durable thermopastic. It is the most commonly used piping in building construction in most parts of the world, outpacing ordinary polyvinyl
I recently bought a new air condition. The guy who came to install it in my bedroom used PVC glue to joint two pipes the one of the air condition with the outside one(instead he could use something else), .
If your refrigerator/freezer is a side by side model, then the leak would generally be coming from the freezer section and it would make some ice on the floor of the freezer until any depression was filled and then it would leak out the front of the
Yes, it's an effective S-Trap. S-Traps are known for siphoning and new construction only allows P-Trap installations. You have a long horizontal run after a P-trap that prevents the siphoning effect
Water hammer is a plumbing problem that is typically characterized by a banging or thumping sound produced when pressure builds up inside water pipes. Experts call this pressure buildup hydraulic shock and it typically occurs when water changes direc
Good morning Corole, When a toilet discharges and runs down your pipes it creates a suction. This is why there are vent pipes to relive the suction and allow the water to run smoothly. When a vent pipe is blocked, the suction vents through the neares
Copper fittings for soldered joints Pipe fittings: 1) Copper (solder); 2) Iron or brass (threaded); 3) Brass (compression); 4) Brass (compression to solder); 5) Brass adapters A fitting is used in pipe systems to connect straight pipe or tubing secti
Many of the commercial products are buffered in some way to try and reduce the impact on metals, since DWV plumbing may commonly be made from copper, brass, lead, or iron, as well as plastics. In the USA, aluminum is not, to my knowledge, a common dr