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It depends on what you mean by "liability" I presume by the context your question that you mean "could I be responsible for obtaining permits for the work completed?" In that case the answer is no. Whoever did the work was responsible for obtaining p
Assotherm srl is a professional Suppliers, The Products & Service include expansion joints, steam trap, pipe fittings, fittings, brass fittings, valves, brass valves, , Our Company Address:Casazza The company production mode: OEM Service Offered
The rubber caulk seal around your shower door keeps water from leaking out onto your floor, but it also can trap soap scum and bacteria. If your bathroom stays warm and damp, mildew can start to form around the shower's rubber seal. Commercial mildew
Tankless heaters are becoming more and more popular thanks to their long term saving effect on electricity and water. There are numerous brands that offer tankless water heaters but this article concentrates on the top four brands that have proven to
Question: Breaker Question - 20 Amp Breaker, 14 wireI recently purchased a house, and it is clear that the previous owner had not always done things correctly. My present concern is that there seems to be 14 gauge wire running off a 20 AMP breaker. I
Much better description, the pic. You can see from the pattern that what has happened is the reactant, whatever it is, began as a strip on the top and ran down in several paths. Because it did not run uniformly, it must be that the wetting of the pip
Let’s discuss the important differences between an ejector pump vs sump pump. And I'll review the best ejector pumps & sump pumps on the market so you'll make the right choice. You can check out my #1 ejector pump recommendation: the Wayne RPP50
Frustrated by the loud knocking noises coming from your pipes? What’s most likely causing the problem depends on when you hear the knocking sound. It usually occurs at one of these 3 times: After a water supply is shut off (toilet flushed, washer fil
Hello, Trying to make Xlite works, my calls are automatically hang up after 30 seconds. I find a lot of issues on that matter on the Internet but no relevant solution. Please note the quality is perfect the first 30 seconds
According to IRC, for supply system testing. You have to test using the maximum working pressure (80 psi) of water, or 50 psi of air. And you have to maintain the pressure for 15 minutes