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job, use cleaner in the tub to erase the marks made by the drain basket, the overflow cover Tips For Removing A Bathtub Drain. Popping the top. To begin removing a bathtub drain, you'll first need to remove the drain cover
I have a plumbing issue that I'm looking for suggestions on. After using a substantial amount of hot water (say, a long shower + washing laundry) I will hear a loud rumbling / vibrating sound throughout the house, emanating from the water pipes. The
1 - Check that your valve under the sink is open, someone may have knocked it mostly shut. 2 - Or, it could be that debris finally got washed up into the hot water valve or sink supply hose under the sink or in the faucet. You'd turn off the valve un
I'm in the midst of a kitchen reno and removal of a wall between the living room and kitchen. I came across what looks to be a secondary vent pipe that does not penetrate my roof, but does go to the attic. I've called the plumber and he will be here
Just to clarify, a Toe Touch Stopper is smooth topped & doesn't have a knob on top to just pop up & down with no turning to engage. Yours is probably a 2-piece pop-up where the decorative coin-thick cover that must unscrew first. Plan A - You
Tucson AZ Sump Pump ServicesSump pumps are powerful pumps that are installed at the lowest point of your home—typically in the basement. They are there to protect your home against floods and water damage. When water starts to pool in your basement,
I think this is very close. The handles on mine have a slightly different shape. But I think you're on the right track in that it might be an old American Standard
For the benefit of future readers, if the valve body is installed with the plaster ground flush with finished wall, the valve handle WILL stick out too far. The "plaster ground" is the plastic piece that comes with the valve, some are white, some are
A complex arrangement of rigid steelpiping and stop valves regulate flow to various parts of the building Plumbing is any system that conveys fluids for a wide range of applications. Plumbing uses pipes, valves, plumbing fixtures, tanks, and other ap
Diagnosing a problem with your toilet isn’t difficult. There is either a concern with your toilet tank, an issue with the water supply line, a potential back up and clog, or a problem in the base of the toilet. If you have water on the floor surround