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The cleanout would typically be at the base of the main plumbing stack and/or just inside or outside the home. When located outside, it's common for them to get buried over with landscaping. You should also have one every 100' to the connection with
1) What size water heater?1:3 rule of thumb: If 1 gallon runs out before hot water arrives, then 3 gallon water heater is correct size. Before choosing: Look at Hot-cold Options below. Buy under counter water heater:Under counter water heaters at Ama
I've sold a lot of Naviens (IMO the best unit available) and now I find myself recommending electric water heaters. If there aren't convenience benefits (most notably endless hot water), the benefits are highly speculative. Since cost of heating hot
I am planning to finish the basement and have some questions regarding the plumbing. The builder already have the bathroom rough in but the location is at middle of the basement. I want to have the bathroom located in a corner
by amphibient Last Updated June 20, 2016 08:09 AM A plumbing book I have says a kitchen sink sewage inlet should be at 16" above floor. I would like to set it a little lower (e. g
If you're like me and you grew up in an old house with old furniture and appliances, there's a chance today's world doesn't understand most of what you have been through. A certain type of carpet, or giant cupboards that were known wardrobes (not clo
Okay, dumb situtaion I got myself into. I'm living in Germany where the pipes for the shower in the wall are 3/4" female. Bought myself a nice shower from England a year ago and went to install and discovered the shower valve is expecting to be attac
A toilet tank is a cistern that accumulates and stores water used in the process of flushing a toilet. Depending on the type of toilet, the tank may be mounted directly to the bowl or to the wall behind it. In low-flow or pressure-assisted toilets, t
Houston Refrigerator Water Line Preparation and InstallationIn Houston, one of our modern conveniences is having a refrigerator with an automatic cold water dispenser on the outside of the refrigerator or freezer’s door for fast and easy refreshment.
I currently have a gravity-fed, fully-vented central-heating (CH) and hot-water (HW) system (large cold-water tank and expansion tank in the loft, hot-water tank and pump in airing cupboard, gas boiler in the kitchen), and I need to replace the boile