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While prepping to install a new kitchen faucet, I went to shut off the water supply to the house since there were no valves under the sink. I mistakenly chose to turn the city-side (gate valve) supply off instead of the home-side (ball valve). When I
1 Isolate where the leak is. This might require a little bit of digging, often where the water is coming out of the ground is not always the source of the leak. Once you have isolated the leak, turn off the water to that line, or area
I think you've got debris in the lines & the tub is the perfect place to flush it all out. You'll want to turn on the closest faucet, with the aerator removed, to the Main Water Shut-off for the whole house & then turn off The Main. You'll wa
Based on your rather telling but incomplete information, I have to caution you on your plans. This may have changed, I haven't had septic in 20-years. Not good & not legal, if the field hasn't been unused for 20-years
Install Downspout Drain Line TIPS DEAR TIM: I need to bury downspout drainage pipes in my yard before the yard is seeded. Where is the best place to put them and how deep should they be buried? What type of pipe do you like? How far away from the hou
So you’re losing water, lots of it. You’ve shut the meter off at the house and the micrometer continues to spin. The only problem is, between your meter and the house is a long patch of driveway, readily hiding all signs of moisture
I am installing a utility sink in my basement and need to rework the drain pipe and standpipe for my washing machine in the process. Above is the original drain pipe and stand pipe that the washing machine used to drain into. I had to move the washin
I'm not a professional plumber (though I did work on water treatment systems for several years), but in my opinion what you did is fine. Gate and globe (stop) valves are prone to corrosion and generally wear out over time. Ball valves are much more d
Clay pipes are a unique and early form of tobacco smoking. These pipes can be smoked several times before they need cleaning. However, there will come a time when cleaning will be necessary
Vent pipe in roof. What's the min. height? We have several vent pipes protruding from our roof