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Before you assume it's not going to turn, give it a try. You might find that even though the pipe looks like it's in rough shape, it unthreads without too much trouble. Put a pipe wrench on top of the pipe with the jaws open down, and the handle to t
by ventsyv Last Updated March 26, 2016 08:09 AM The shower valve in my guest bathroom is leaking and I would like to replace it but it's fairly old and not compatible with the new mixer cartridges. I bought a brand new valve & cartridge but I'm a
One of our friends asks for some help with a bathroom repair that went bad. It seems that a fitting in their second floor bathroom was leaking so they turned the water off at the valve and removed the toilet. At that point they decided to replace the
I have a 1/2" od PVC outside my home with a steady drip of water. It is a few inches above the line that runs to the TPR valve on the water heater (confirmed by opening the valve). It's not the AC condenser line either
I agree with Daniel Griscom. Get a Plumber or a new toilet or both to save yourself from the below ordeal, which isn't bad it's just experience. The plus is that you'll be able to unclog most any toilet thereafter
I recently moved into a new condo with 2 kitchen sinks -- a main one and one embedded in an island. There's a lot going on under the main one -- the cold water is split so that it leads to the faucet and the fridge, hot water split to lead to the fau
I have just purchased a Samsung front load washing machine (7kg capacity). So when I was studying its emplacement, I have decided that its drain hose would be over the floor to a avoid an obstacle (the cupboard wood wall). And then it would come up t
I am in the middle of replacing a drain in the concrete floor of my basement. I'm replacing it because the current drain is terribly rusted, and was quite crooked in terms of not being flush with the floor. I'm getting ready to seal the concrete and
Get a Plumber with a longer & much bigger snake & to also do the items below. Or, keep snaking the lines, while flushing repeatedly. Also snake from the roof vent side to clear any build-up that may have accumulated above the draining path